Details of ForexChief’s Trading Credits

Here are the main rules of ForexChief’s Trading Credits promotion.

Promotion TypeDeposit Bonus
Bonus PercentageUp to 50%
Mazimum Bonus Amount20,000 USD
Fund WithdrawalAvailable with conditions

ForexChief’s Trading Credits is available for all traders of the broker.

To get ForexChief’s Trading Credits, open a live trading account from the page below.

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What is ForexChief’s Trading Credits?

Trade credits are perpetual and interest-free and can be used as collateral for transactions.

A prerequisite for obtaining a trade credit is to replenish the account with your own funds, while the credit amount can be up to 50% of the replenishment amount.

The program is available for the following account types: MT4 DirectFX, MT4 Classic +, cent-MT4 DirectFX, and cent-MT4 Classic + account.

Trade credit can be obtained for each replenishment, while at the time of the operation in the Personal Account, the client has the right to indicate the size of the trade credit: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of the replenishment amount.

For example, when replenishing an account with 1,000 USD, the trader indicated 10% as a trading credit. In this case, an amount of 1,100 USD will be credited to the account, while 100 USD will be displayed in the Credit field.

The amount of active trading credits on all accounts of one client cannot exceed 20,000 USD (or the equivalent in another currency)

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How do ForexChief’s Trading Credits work?

Trade credit cannot be used in a “drawdown” and will be automatically debited from the account in case of a decrease in the amount of Funds to the level of the Credit.

Thus, if the Funds become less than or equal to the Credit, active trading credits will be debited from the account, after which all positions will be forcibly closed in automatic mode;

For example, the trader made a deposit of 10,000 USD and received a trade credit of 1,000 USD. If the amount of Funds drops to the level of 1,000 USD (value from the Credit field), then all active trading credits (accounted in the Credit field) will be automatically debited from the account and open positions will be forcibly closed.

Open ForexChief’s Account for free

Withdrawal Condition of ForexChief’s Trading Credits

If there are active trading credits on the account, the amount of funds available for withdrawal is calculated using the formula:

Available for withdrawal = Free margin – Credit – The amount of deposits for which active credits have been received.

To remove the restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, the client has the right to withdraw from the credited trading credits at any time.

To do this, in the Personal Account, it is necessary to perform an operation to cancel active credits, as a result of which the corresponding amount is debited from the trading account.

The use of credits by the client when performing trading operations does not affect the amount of the commission received by the partner for the trading turnover of the attracted client.

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