FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus gives traders up to $10,000 on MT4 and MT5 accounts.

With the promotion, you can double up your deposit amount as you want on multiple trading accounts.

The promotion costs zero extra fees, but will simply reward you 100% bonus on your deposits so you have opportunities to earn more profits.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus is only a part of many promotions available by FBS. Visit FBS Official Website to check the latest offers today.

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FBS 100% Deposit Bonus promotion’s Main Conditions

Here are the main rules and conditions of FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus promotion.

Available for All traders of FBS
Number of accounts which you can get the bonus Unlimited
The total/maximum bonus amount 10,000 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies
Requirement to get the bonus Account verification and Fund deposit
Withdrawal of the bonus amount Available after completing certain requirement
Promotion Period Unlimited

You can participate and get 100% Deposit Bonus with no additional cost.

All you need to do is confirm your participation in FBS’s client cabinet.

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How to get FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus?

All traders of FBS can participate in the promotion “100% Deposit Bonus”.

Follow the steps below to get the bonus on your live trading accounts.

  1. Open FBS Real Trading Account
    You can get FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus with any account types but ECN account. The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Submit a copy of ID and Proof of Address to verify your account information
    More details about the requirement of account verification can be found in FBS’s client cabinet.
  3. Make a deposit
    Deposit investment funds to FBS with any method you prefer.
  4. Confirm to receive 100% Deposit Bonus
    You can activate the bonus within 30 days from your deposit.

Once you apply for the bonus, the maximum leverage on the account will be limited to 1:500.


Internal transfers are not considered as deposits for the promotion.

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Instant credit for multiple accounts

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus’s maximum limitation is $10,000.

Until the total accumulated bonus amount reaches $10,000 you can continue receiving the bonus on multiple trading accounts.

In case you are receiving the bonus on multiple accounts, the required lot volume is traded separately for each bonus.


Once you applied, 100% Bonus will be automatically credited to the applicable account.

The bonus amount can be found in “Credit” section in the trading platform.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn until you meet certain volume requirement according to the volume. For more information, please go to another section.

Open FBS Real Trading Account

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus for any account types but ECN account

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus promotion is available for all account types, but not ECN account.

You can open live accounts of the following types, and receive the bonus.

Required Minimum Deposit Amount $1 $5 $100 $500
Minimum Spread Variable from 1.0 pip Fixed from 3.0 pips Variable from 0.5 pips Fixed from 0.0 pips ($20/lot commission)
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:3000 1:3000 1:3000
Available Financial Instruments 35 Forex pairs, 4 Metals, 3 CFDs and 33 Stocks 35 Forex pairs, 4 Metals and 3 CFDs 35 Forex pairs, 4 Metals, 3 CFDs and 33 Stocks 35 Forex pairs, 4 Metals and 3 CFDs

You can open live accounts of all account types, and receive the 100% Deposit Bonus on each of them too.

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How to withdraw FBS 100% Deposit Bonus as your profit?

When you apply for the promotion “FBS 100% Deposit Bonus, the bonus fund will go to “Credit” section of the platform (MT4 or MT5).

Until you meet the volume requirement, the bonus funds are not included in calculation of Margin Call and Stop Out levels.

You cannot withdraw the bonus either until you meet the volume requirement.

Bonus can be credited into your account as your fund and withdrawn from an account after the required lot volume has been traded.

The bonus withdrawal requirement is calculated according to the formula below.

Bonus Amount / 1 (1 lot on a Cent account = 0.01 standard lot)

Once you meet the volume requirement, login to FBS’s Client Cabinet and apply for bonus withdrawal.

Signup for FBS online

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus cancellation conditions

There are mainly 2 situations where the bonus will be cancelled.

  1. When the current balance becomes less than the initial deposit
    Example: You deposit $100. You start trading and lose $2. Your current balance is $98 which is less than the initial deposit. You cannot get the Bonus 100% on deposit.
  2. When the account balance or Equity (excluding the bonus funds) fall below 30% of the bonus amount
    Example: You receive $1000 bonus fund. Your total equity reaches $1200 which is less than 30% of the bonus funds, thus the bonus is cancelled.

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