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Exness Loyalty Program

The Exness Loyalty Program, featuring Exness Dollars (EXD), is designed to provide significant savings on trading costs for its members.

Here’s a detailed overview of the program:

Introduction to Exness Dollars (EXD)

The loyalty program allows traders to save 50% on spreads and commissions, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of their trading activities.

It is initially available to a select group of customers as a pilot program, which runs until a specified date.

Members earn rewards in the form of EXD for their regular trading activities, with 10% of the spread and commission incurred returned as EXD (1 EXD = 1 USD).

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How It Works

Traders accumulate EXD by conducting their usual trading operations. A portion of the trading costs (spreads and commissions) is credited back as EXD.

On the 7th of each month, traders can transfer the EXD earned in the previous month from the “Available EXD” section in their Rewards Wallet to their chosen trading account. This EXD can then be used to cover 50% of future trading costs until the EXD balance is depleted.

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Key Features

There are no minimum requirements or targets to meet. Traders earn EXD on every order they open.

The process of earning and using EXD is straightforward, with EXD automatically accruing in the Reward Wallet and easily transferred for use.

Traders keep all EXD earned with no hidden penalties, commissions, or cuts.

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Usage Process

Traders earn EXD by trading on any platform offered by Exness.

EXD is stored in the Reward Wallet within the Personal Area, with balances updated daily.

Traders can transfer their available EXD to a trading account at the end of each month.

When using EXD, 50% of the trading costs for new orders are automatically covered, reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

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Checking EXD balances

Located under the Settings tab of the trader’s Personal Area, it displays current and pending EXD balances.

EXD can be allocated to a trading account to automatically cover part of the trading costs.

As this is a pilot, accumulated EXD will expire after the pilot ends unless used.

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More Information on the program

Traders earn EXD by trading, which can then be used to offset 50% of future trading costs.

The Exness Loyalty Program with EXD is an innovative way to reward traders by directly reducing their trading costs.

By participating in the program, traders not only benefit from decreased expenses but also contribute to the refinement of the program through their feedback during the pilot phase.

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