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Invite your friends to eToro

Easy. Sure. Social. Invite your friends to experience eToro.

Don’t you enjoy being part of a vibrant and collaborative community of investors?

Well, don’t keep it to yourself! Share your passion for investing by inviting your friends to invest with you. They will appreciate it!

Many investors started investing on the advice of their friends or family, and they enjoy the relationships they build by investing together.

Many times it is through these relationships of trust that the best investment strategies are born.

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How to invite your friends to eToro?

etoro invite your friend promotion

Simple. 3 steps and you’re done.

  1. Login to your eToro account. (Don’t have an account yet? Click here.)
  2. Copy the link from the invitation or click on one of the social sharing buttons.
  3. Send it to your family and friends. That’s all!

The security and privacy of eToro’s investors are of the utmost importance to eToro, and the broker will never share your personal data without your permission.

Any personal contact information that you provide will be used exclusively for the specific purpose of extending your invitation.

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