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An exclusive member offer – eToro Club

Welcome to the eToro Club.

Enhance your investment experience with an exclusive member offer.

This is not investment advice.

The benefits you receive as a club member are designed to provide excellent personal service while helping you maximize your investment potential.

Feel the difference a premium investment experience makes.

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What is eToro Club?

eToro offers a wide range of services and tools to clients based on their club membership level, allowing them to enhance their experience and knowledge of the capital markets by promoting the use of eToro’s various asset classes such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, CopyPortfolios, and more.

Membership in the eToro club is determined by the client’s capital estimated at midnight (GMT) every day.

Assuming you meet the minimum capital requirement, you will be automatically accepted and your club level change will take effect the next day.

Silver: $ 5,000
Gold: $ 10,000
Platinum: $ 25,000
Platinum +: $ 50,000
Diamond: $ 250,000

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The rewards of eToro Club’s each tier

Members of the eToro Club receive an exceptional level of service and many other benefits.

Enjoy additional privileges every time you level up:

Silver Tier

Silver-level members have exclusive access to webcasts with detailed market analysis, data-driven CopyPortfolios, and a dedicated Customer Success Agent to maximize Club member’s offerings.

Members residing in the UK or Eurozone will be able to get a debit card from eToro later this year (2021).

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Gold Tier

Gold members have the same offers as Silver members, including access to a Customer Success Agent and live webcasts, as well as eToro’s exclusive weekly market reviews by experts.

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Platinum Tier

Platinum members receive the same as Gold members, plus other additional benefits: zero withdrawal fees, free Wall Street Journal subscription, access to the Delta PRO Investment Tracker app with unlimited connections to wallets and exchange platforms, real-time pricing, monitoring of various assets and portfolios, as well as eToro’s Trading Central signal platform, which helps you make informed, timely and reliable investment decisions.

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Platinum+ Tier

Platinum + members receive the full range of services and offer from previous levels, plus one-on-one meetings via Zoom video conferencing with your account manager and exclusive access to special sporting and cultural events, and much more.

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Diamond Tier

By belonging to eToro’s most exclusive tier, Diamond members receive all the benefits of previous tiers plus a subscription to the Financial Times, exemption from paying platform fees, and one-on-one meetings via Zoom videoconference with their account manager.

Diamond members are also invited to participate in prestigious eToro Diamond events that take place around the world.

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How your level of eToro Club is decided

The level you belong to appears below your username in your eToro account dashboard, both in the desktop version and in the mobile app.

Level upgrades will be processed automatically within 24 hours of meeting the requirement.

Level drops are processed on the 1st of each calendar month.

You will remain a member of an eToro tier as long as you meet the capital requirement for each tier.

In the event that your capital falls below the minimum, eToro will continue to grant you membership at your current level for a courtesy period of three (3) calendar months.

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How is “capital” defined in relation to membership?

Club membership is determined by realized capital rather than unrealized capital.

eToro can break it down as follows …

Realized capital = your cash balance + the total original purchase value of all your holdings.

For example, if you buy 2,000 BTC for $ 10,000, as long as you keep it, no matter if the price goes up or down, that 2,000 BTC will be considered part of your realized capital.

Only when you close (or transfer) your bitcoins will your profit or loss be added to your realized capital.

Even if the value of your bitcoins plummeted, and your 2,000 BTC were suddenly worth next to nothing, it wouldn’t downgrade until you actually close the position.

Similarly, if your assets were to increase in value, to the point where the original purchase price of 2,000 BTC was multiplied by ten, you would not level up until you sell (close) those positions.

Unrealized capital is dependent on prevailing market rates and is, therefore, more volatile. To build stability and ensure that members do not constantly switch from one level to another during the same day or week, the membership requirements are based on realized capital.

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Expert investment support service

The investment experts at eToro will be at your service.

Consult an account manager and get the latest market news by participating in live webcasts.

Access valuable analysis and research from world-class vendors, such as Trading Central and The Financial Times, free of charge to select Club members.

These specialists use the most advanced tools in the industry to collect comprehensive and detailed information.

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Investment tools of the Premium type

Cross the line and be among the first to access new assets, products, and features.

Enjoy exclusive access to eToro partners with a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal, a must-read publication for any active investor and passive investor who wants to better understand the economy, companies, and the forces that influence their money and investments.

With Delta PRO Investment Tracker, you get access to advanced metrics, all portfolio analytics modules, real-time pricing, the ability to sync five devices, a flawless monochrome mode, and unique first-time access to new features.

Trading Central’s newsletters and research platform offer excellent in-depth market analysis and expert advice in an industry-leading interface.

Trading Central provides the largest global coverage.

As he has been working in this sector for more than 20 years, he supervises a large number of instruments of different classes, from currencies to stocks.

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Exclusive VIP events

Participate in some of the best events in the technology-financial sector by attending as eToro’s special guest.

Enjoy free VIP tickets to sports and cultural events sponsored by eToro throughout the year.

Find Out More about eToro’s Exclusive VIP events

Exclusive Data-Driven CopyPortfolios

Exclusive data-driven CopyPortfolios use predictive algorithms to identify the best investors on the platform.

eToro uses these data sets to create next-level data-driven investment strategies that optimize long-term returns while still focusing on risk management.

With millions of registered users, generating billions of metrics, eToro is the perfect breeding ground for machine learning technologies.

Using advanced data science tools, eToro leverages these data sets to create next-level data-driven investment strategies.

These CopyPortfolios Top Trader are exclusively available to members of the eToro Club to add to their portfolios with a minimum investment of $ 5000.

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Receive a discount or exemption on exchange fees

The exchange fee discount or waiver applies to non-USD deposits and withdrawals from bank transfers and is awarded based on Club membership level.

Diamond members who deposit or withdraw non-USD funds via wire transfer are exempt from these exchange fees. Platinum and Platinum + members who deposit or withdraw non-USD funds via wire transfer receive a significant discount on the exchange fee. The discount rate is 25 pips except for certain pairs (IDR / USD, MYR / USD, THB / USD, VND / USD).

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How to get rewards for “staking”?

Staking rewards are automatic for all eToro Club members who hold crypto assets admitted to the eToro investment platform.

For those who are not members of the Club, the rewards for “staking” represent 75% of the total rewards of each cryptocurrency; however, Club members can retain a greater amount of rewards for staking.

Silver to Platinum level members receive 85%, and Platinum + and Diamond members receive 95%.

Note: eToro’s staking service does not include crypto assets held by CFDs, copying of other investors’ trades, CopyPortfolios, short positions, or in eToro Wallet.

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Things you should know about eToro Club

eToro provides benefits to Club members based on their level, as determined by eToro and in accordance with these terms and conditions, which are separate and in addition to the terms and conditions of eToro, and the terms and conditions of any other product in force between you and eToro.

Individual offers may be subject to change and withdrawal at any time.

Specific terms and conditions may apply to individual offers and will be notified along with the offer.

Your membership to the Club does not have a fixed term. You will continue in the Club until you lose Silver status.

eToro can cancel any Club benefit immediately if at any time:

  • You are using (or eToro reasonably suspects you could be using), obtaining or allowing someone to use or obtain an account, service or any money in an illegal way;
  • Your eToro account is used (or eToro reasonably suspects that it is being used) for illegal or fraudulent purposes;
  • Your eToro account is inactive (in accordance with the applicable eToro terms and conditions), suspended or blocked, and we, therefore, consider a risk to the privacy of your personal data to continue to provide you with eToro Club benefits in accordance with the data eToro provides. eToro has registered about you;
  • eToro reasonably considers that, by continuing to offer this advantage, eToro could violate a law, regulation, code, court order or other obligation; or if we, or another company in the eToro Group, could be exposed to any action or disapproval by the government, a regulatory authority or state security forces. eToro may terminate any benefit if eToro has a reason other than one of those stated above, but which eToro believes is reasonable (or “valid”) to do so. eToro would notify you in advance at least 30 days.

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