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easyMarkets’ dealCancellation promotion is an ultimate service which gives you the opportunity to trade Forex and CFDs risk free.

This is an trading tool available for all traders of easyMarkets.

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What is easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation?

easyMarkets’ risk free dealCancellation can be enabled when placing orders.

To enable the option, you just simply need to turn on the option in the “order scree” as below”.

easymarkets risk free deal cancellation bonus promotion

There will be a small fee charged when turning on this option.

This option will give you 1 hour to cancel your order.

If your trade is winning then you may keep the position opened.

If your trade is losing, then you may cancel the order as you want within 1 hour.

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easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation Information

Here are the main information of this trading tool “dealCancellation”.

Promotion Type Risk Free Trades
Available for All traders of easyMarkets
Amount of risk free trades Unlimited
Risk Free Duration 1 hour
Cost of Risk Free trades Depends on market volatility
Trading Platform easyTrade Platform

This campaign is very unique and available only with easyMarkets.

Make sure that you know the rules and the cost of this trading tool before enabling it.

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How to apply easyMarkets’ Risk Free dealCancellation?

  1. Signup and open an account with easyMarkets
    Go to the registration page and open a live trading account with easyMarkets. The account opening is free and may take only a few minutes to complete.
  2. Make a deposit
    The required minimum deposit amount is 100 USD. You may be required more if your have chosen account types with higher status.
  3. Place an order with “dealCancellation” option
    easymarkets risk free deal cancellation bonus promotion platform
    When placing an order, you can turn on the “dealCancellation” option. This option is available for both Desktop and Mobile versions.
  4. Cancel losing trades within 1 hour
    Now you have 1 hour to cancel the trades. You can also keep the trades opened if the trades are making profits.

The “dealCancellation” option comes with certain fees which is decided based on the market volatility.

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Rules of Risk Free dealCancellation

easyMarkets’ risk free dealCancellation can be set only when placing the order, but you can not apply this to any existing positions.

Note that you can apply the dealCancellation to only currencies, gold, silver and oil products.

Once the option is enabled, you can see the list of protected trades in “Open Trades Report” as below.

easymarkets Open Trades Report deal cancellation risk free

You have only 1 hour to either cancel the trades or keep them.

Once 1 hour is passed, the trades cannot be cancelled and you must realize the profits or loss later.

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Cost of Risk Free dealCancellation

A fee for the “dealCancellation” isn’t fixed, but is based on recent market volatility.

If the system deems the recent market volatility is high, then the fees maybe higher than the usual.

You can check the fee before confirming your order on the platforms.

Withdrawal Conditions of Risk Free dealCancellation

easyMarkets’ dealCancellation is only a tool available for all traders of the broker.

Using this tool, won’t restrict your fund withdrawals or internal transfers.

You can withdraw full profits made by using this tool at anytime with no limit.

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