easyMarkets 50% First Deposit Bonus Table of Contents


easyMarkets’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available for all new traders of the broker.

If you haven’t opened an account or made a deposit, then you have an opportunity to get up to $2000 trading power.

Note that the bonus can be received only by opening an account from this page. You may proceed to the “account opening page” or “official website” from this page to get the bonus.

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What is easyMarkets’ 50% First Deposit Bonus?

easyMarkets’s 50% Deposit Bonus applies only to the amount of first time deposit.

The bonus percentages varies depending on the amount of deposit you make.

You can get up to up to 50% deposit bonus, up to $2000 per account.

The credited bonus will be available for trading immediately and it will support your trading with extra margin directly.

Signup from below to be qualified for the 50% first deposit bonus.

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How to get easyMarkets’ 50% First Deposit Bonus?

To get easyMarkets’ 50% first deposit bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. Register online and open a live trading account
    Opening a live trading account from this page is the first step to get the bonus. The bonus can be applied only to one account of any account types.
  2. Deposit at least 100 USD
    To be qualified to receive the bonus, you must deposit at least 100 USD. Note that the bonus percentage depends on the amount of deposit you make.
  3. Request for the bonus
    Once you have completed the first time deposit, you must contact easyMarkets support team to request the bonus. When requesting, make sure to mention “first deposit bonus”.
  4. Trade with the bonus
    The bonus can be used for trading for indefinite period. Note that the bonus can be used only for trading purpose, but not for withdrawal.

To be qualified for the bonus, go to the official website of easyMarkets from below.

The promotion is available for new traders who signed up from this page.

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Percentage of easyMarkets’ 50% First Deposit Bonus

As mentioned earlier, the bonus percentage and amount you can receive depends on the amount of your first time deposit.

Please refer to the table below for more information.

Deposit Amount Bonus Percentage Maximum Bonus Amount
From $100 to $199 30% $60
From $200 to $1000 50% $500
From $1001 50% $2000

The bonus can be applied only on the first time deposit.

As specified in the table above, the bonus amount varies from $30 to $2000.

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Withdrawal Condition of easyMarkets’ 50% First Deposit Bonus

easyMarkets’ 50% first deposit bonus is available only for trading purpose.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn as your profit or transferred to other live trading accounts.

Please also note that, if you make a fund withdrawal from the account which has received the bonus, proportional bonus amount will be deducted from the account accordingly.

If you are not sure about the rule of fund withdrawal, you may contact easyMarkets’ support team for more details.

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Only for New traders from this page

easyMarkets runs various bonus promotions and provides unique trading tools for its traders.

Note that 50% First Deposit Bonus is exclusively available only from this page.

To be eligible for the bonus, you may go to the account opening page or Official Website from this page and signup.

If you are new to easyMarkets and have signed up from this page, you will be eligible to receive this exclusive 50% first deposit bonus directly on your easyTrade or MT4 account.

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Bonus Cancellation Conditions

easyMarkets 50% first deposit bonus is available for the unlimited time period.

There are only 2 cases the bonus will be cancelled from your account.

  1. No trades made in 30 days
    If you didn’t complete an order for 30 days in the bonus account, the full bonus amount will be cancelled from the account.
  2. Fund withdrawal
    The bonus can be used only for trading purpose but cannot be withdrawn. Any fund withdrawals from the bonus account will cause full (or proportional) cancellation of the bonus amount.

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