Change your broker to AMarkets, and get the best trading conditions and attractive bonus offers.

How to get rewards?

  1. Open a real trading account in AMarkets;
  2. Deposit a margin in a real trading account;
  3. Provide transaction records and/or transaction passwords of other brokers to verify account activity;
  4. In the “Available Rewards” on the personal account page, submit an application to activate the rewards.

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Rules of AMarkets Bonus Promotion

20% of the total deposit is paid in the form of a trading bonus, which can be used for all trading operations even in the case of “withdrawal”.

This activity is only applicable to Fixed accounts and Standard accounts on the MT4 platform, and can only be used for foreign exchange transactions.

The maximum amount of this reward fund for each customer is 5000 USD / 5000 EUR.

The reward funds for this activity and the funds for other reward projects do not add up.

To activate the bonus, please contact customer support.

Each customer can only have one chance to participate in this event, which means that each customer can only receive this reward fund once;
During the financial audit, this reward will be canceled; if the customer withdraws all or part of the deposit originally deposited, the reward funds for this activity generated by this deposit will be canceled.

If AMarkets detects any abuse or fraud, AMarkets reserves the right to close the trading account and clear all reward funds without notice or explanation.

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