AMarkets has launched a new loyalty program.

AMarkets will repay part of the price difference to ordinary customers.

The more you trade, most of the spread will be refunded to your trading account!

How does AMarkets Cashback work?

The program has 5 levels. The higher your level, the more cashback you receive for each transaction. To rise to a new level, you need to reach the required monthly trading volume-5 lots (predetermined and each level remains the same).

The customer executes the transaction and gets cashback for the transaction activity according to the program level.

Level (lvl) Required monthly trading volume Old cashback rate (per lot) New cashback rate (per lot)
1 2 lots $3 / €3 $3 / €3
2 5 lots $8 / €8 $11 / €11
3 5 lots $10 / €10 $13 / €13
4 5 lots $12 / €12 $15 / €15
5 5 lots $14 / €14 $17 / €17

Get AMarkets Cashback

Only standard and fixed accounts on the MT4 platform can participate in the loyalty program.

Cashback is still calculated based on trading activities in foreign exchange pairs and metals.

To enter the next level, you need to reach the required monthly transaction volume specified in the table.

The holding time for each transaction should be at least 3 minutes.

The price change for each transaction should be at least 10 points.

After the position is closed, the cashback will be credited to the trading account participating in the loyalty program in the form of a trading bonus every day.

If the customer withdraws funds from their trading account within 30 days or fails to reach the required trading volume, the progress will be lost and the account will return to level 1.

The minimum monthly trading volume for the first level of subscription is 2 lots.

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