AMarkets offers a 100% Deposit Bonus

AMarkets is excited to announce the launch of a 100% Deposit Bonus promotion.

You can get up to $10,000 as AMarkets’ deposit bonus.

AMarkets’ deposit bonus is applied to the “Credit” section of your trading account that can be used for trading.

To activate the bonus, please contact customer support.

The deposit bonus can also be withdrawn as your extra profit after meeting a certain volume requirement.

Get AMarkets 100% Deposit Bonus

Rules of AMarkets 100% Deposit Bonus

The total amount of reward funds for each customer is up to USD 10,000.

Reward funds are displayed in the “Credit/Financing” column of MT4 in the form of non-withdrawable funds. Reward funds shall not be added to the real fund balance of the account.

The reward funds for this activity do not add up to other reward items. After reaching the required transaction volume, the reward funds can be withdrawn.

Only completed transactions can count towards the required transaction volume. The minimum difference for each transaction is 3 points.

Only transactions after participating in the event are counted into the required transaction volume, and past transactions cannot be counted.

In the state of loss, the bonus funds shall not be used. When the warning line is reached, the reward funds will be cleared from the account.

Customers must calculate the warning line by themselves because the MT4 platform does not know that this is a reward fund item and will think it is real funds. In the event of a loss, the bonus funds will not be used.

Therefore, you may have actually reached the AMarkets warning line before the warning line set by MT4.

During the financial audit period, the reward funds will be canceled. If the subject term is partially or fully withdrawn from the original deposit, the reward funds generated by this deposit will be cleared.

If AMarkets detect any abuse or fraud, AMarkets reserves the right to close the trading account and clear all reward funds without notice or explanation.

*How to calculate the transaction volume required to withdraw bonus funds? The calculation formula for the required transaction volume is as follows: the amount of bonus funds divided by 3. In other words, each lot counts at $3. After the transaction volume requirement is reached, the reward funds will be available for withdrawal.