AdroFX 30% Deposit Bonus Table of Contents


Summary of AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion

See the table below to find out the main condition of AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus promotion.

Available For All Traders of AdroFX
Bonus Percentage 30%
Required Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Bonus Amount $7,000
Withdrawal of Bonus Unavailable

Along with AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus, you can also get a 100% deposit bonus from the broker on your first-time deposit.

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What is AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus?

Each client who makes a deposit of $ 100 or more can receive up to 30% of a deposit bonus.

The deposit bonus is provided at the request of the client after the account is replenished and before the positions are opened.

The minimum deposit to receive the bonus must be equal or more:

  • $ 100 to receive a 10% deposit bonus;
  • $ 500 to receive a 20% deposit bonus;
  • $ 5,000 to receive a 30% deposit bonus.

The maximum deposit bonus that a client can receive is $ 7000 per profile

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Withdrawal Condition of AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus

AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus is non-withdrawable and is provided as a lump sum.

By requesting a deposit bonus, you confirm that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions, as well as the AdroFx Trading Terms and Conditions.

AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus is provided upon the client’s request after the funds have been credited to the trading account.

Funds transfers between accounts are not considered initial deposits.

AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus cannot be transferred between accounts.

AdroFX’s 30% Deposit Bonus amount is only for trading and cannot be withdrawn.

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