How to open OctaFX’s Forex Trading Account?

  1. Go to OctaFX Official Website;
  2. Go to the registration page and fill in the application form;
  3. Receive login credentials for your account from OctaFX;
  4. Log in to OctaFX’s client portal;
  5. Make a deposit and download OctaFX’s trading platform;
  6. Start trading.

The registration with OctaFX may only take a few minutes to complete.

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1. Forex Currency Pairs

The active way of investing brings you a huge return in no time.

Foreign currencies are what Forex is about at its core—use the best it offers to your advantage.

Lowest Spread

The difference between the bid and ask prices are the narrowest for currency pairs. Currency conversion operations are the most intensively executed orders worldwide. And OctaFX monitors this liquidity every moment of time through eight years. This allows OctaFX to offer you the most precise quotes with tight spreads.

Easiest Market To Enter

You can start with as low as 5 USD and grow big on minimal-size orders. The retail part of the Forex market allows you to place orders of 0.01-lot volume. OctaFX provides your initial investment with leverage (a virtual credit that increases your investment), and you start to earn on the international market almost for nothing.

Biggest Leverage

OctaFX boosts currency trading with a 1:500 leverage ratio on OctaFX’s MetaTrader 4 and cTrader accounts. The main currency pairs are learnt through and through, and the total of trades that include them is immense. These factors balance the world market and lower risks, making it possible to provide you with the highest leverage.

World’s Largest Trade Volume

Government financial institutions, banks, corporations, and people of the world perform thousands of currency operations every second.

No slippage:
less than 0.1-second market execution speed.
Best for retail speculations:
some currency pairs are three times more volatile than other symbols within a day.
Fast order execution:
The market runs smoothly like clockwork regardless of your location.
Lots of educational materials of all kinds:
For pros and novices, written by the world’s best traders.
All data you need is already prepared for you:
Trading signals, market insights, economic calendar, and many more.
Intuitive dependencies between different pairs:
Understanding them allows earning more.

Trade Forex Pairs on OctaFX

Why OctaFX is the Best choice for Forex Trading?

OctaFX doesn’t charge any commissions
You can check with OctaFX’s transparent trading conditions and enjoy OctaFX’s highly secure services with a focus on your convenience. OctaFX allows you to adjust your trading preferences upon creating your trading account, and OctaFX doesn’t limit you on their number—find the trading platform and condition you like.
OctaFX accepts Automated Trading
Do you want trading bots to earn money for you? Robots don’t take emotional decisions, they are quicker, and they don’t get distracted. You can apply Expert Advisor, cBot, or other automated systems and run it on your OctaFX trading account. Tune them on OctaFX’s limitless demo accounts and then put them to action.
OctaFX supports NBP
Even if you put your investment to a maximum risk, and your balance goes negative after an unsuccessful order, we’ll compensate it back to zero. In this case, you won’t owe anything. But nevertheless, we recommend you build a solid strategy and focus on saving your money.
Both Fixed and Floating Spreads
OctaFX’s created a fixed-spread account for those who want to know exactly how much they spend on trading and how much they earn. The fixed spread starts at two pips and only available on MetaTrader 4. The floating spread starts at 0.4 pips depending on the currency pair and external market conditions.

Find out OctaFX’s trading condition

2. Stock Indices

Hundreds of thousands of companies issue shares that are traded on the stock market.

These companies can be subdivided into several categories based on industry, region or exchange. Some financial institutions calculate indexes based on stock prices to assess market performance.

Although the index is only a statistical value, it is possible to profit from the fluctuation of the index value through a contract for difference. CFD means Contract for Difference: an agreement to exchange the difference between opening and closing prices

As with CFDs and other trading varieties provided by OctaFX, you can profit from the 10 most popular index trading, including Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, and Eurostoxx 50.

Trade Stock Indices with OctaFX

Available Stock Indices on OctaFX MT4 and MT5

FTSE 100 (UK100):
The top 100 blue chip companies on the London Stock Exchange. The index reflects companies with more than 80% of the total market capitalization in the UK.
Dow Jones Industrial Average (US 30):
This stock index shows the 30 largest listed companies in the United States and their trading conditions during standard trading hours.
Nasdaq 100 Index (NAS100):
The 100 largest companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, including retail, software, biotechnology, and telecommunications industries.
Nikkei 225 Index (JPN225):
Japan’s 225 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, including Sony, Canon and Toyota.
S&P 500 Index (SPX500):
The 500 largest companies in the United States by market capitalization, whose common stock is listed on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. The S&P 500 is regarded as the most representative indicator in the US stock market.
CAC 40 (FRA40):
The top 40 stocks traded on the Paris pan-European stock market. Since France is one of the largest parts of European economies, it can provide insights into the trends of the European market.
ASX 200 Index (AUS200):
Measures the trend of various industries in the Australian securities market. Prices are mainly affected by commodity price trends.
Eurostoxx 50 Index (EUSTX50): This index covers 50 companies in 11 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
DAX 30 (GER30):
The 30 largest companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, including Bayer, Allianz and BASF.
IBEX 35 (ESP35):
Including the 35 most liquid Spanish stocks, it is the benchmark stock index of the Madrid Stock Exchange.

See Available Symbols on OctaFX’s platforms

Advantage of Stock Index Trading

Take advantage of the price fluctuations of 10 indexes without having to own any stocks.

When it comes to the stock market, people often think of buying and selling the stocks of specific companies. The market price of such stocks may rise and fall sharply with the announcement of relevant news or certain reports of the company. According to the forecast of the event by participating traders, profits or losses may be made accordingly.

But retail investors in this market do not own shares in an industrial giant but learn to make money from the volatility of these stock markets while minimizing potential risks. The stock index represents the average price trend of a series of stocks and is not the risk of a single company. These indexes are easier to predict and have higher levels of volatility. Traders can directly track market insights through our website and fully understand the possible price adjustments of the index.

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Why you should trade Stock Indices with OctaFX?

Traders choose to trade stock indexes because compared with traditional individual stocks, the former is simpler and faster, and there are no restrictions on short-selling and intraday trading methods.

Some other advantages of trading stock index CFDs include:

  1. Higher profits:
    Potential higher profits:
    Since CFD can buy and sell stock indexes without investing in stocks in advance, you can benefit from the rise and fall of the stock market if you correctly predict the direction of the trend.
    Lower cost and spread:
    The cost of trading index CFD is lower than the related index, and the profit is similar. In addition, OctaFX offers the lowest index spreads in the industry.
    Faster execution:
    Through market execution, orders can be traded more quickly and efficiently without any delay.
  2. Better margin and leverage:
    Margin trading:
    You can allocate a small portion of the trading capital to open index trading. Thanks to 1:50 leverage and micro-hand trading, these positions can bring huge profits.
    The same margin requirements:
    Whether buying or selling, the same margin requirements apply to CFD transactions.
    Provide low-cost access to financial markets. Traders only need to invest a part of the total contract cost, while having the potential to obtain higher returns. However, leverage can amplify losses.
  3. Ensure the market environment:
    Greater liquidity and volatility:
    The index has greater liquidity and higher volatility. Because they represent the entire market and industry, they are regarded as ideal financial health indicators for these industries.
    Larger positions:
    The index provides a larger position on the overall market without the risk of individual stocks. You can track the trend of stocks with good past performance and excellent liquidity.
    Portfolio diversification:
    A good risk management tool, because the index value is the average value of all entities in the group. At the same time, the risk of loss is lower because the level of volatility is different from that of traditional stock trading.
    Long and short position trading:
    Unlike some stocks, the index can trade long and short positions, providing more opportunities for profit.

Start Trading Popular Stock Indices on OctaFX

Stock Market gives real opportunities

The stock market is extremely sensitive to news. Whenever a major event occurs in the world, or a very good new product enters the consumer market, it will immediately have an impact on the relevant market or stock index.

For example, when France’s 25th President Macron was elected in 2017, the French CAC index increased by 4%. If you can know this fact, traders can benefit from it. In OctaFX, you can trade the CFD of the index through the MT5 platform.

In 2016, the election of Trump had the opposite effect. The Dow fell 900 points after the news. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for short traders. OctaFX can trade this index on both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Earn by trading Stocks on OctaFX

Trading Stocks and Index CFDs on OctaFX

The typical investment of a successful stock index is very attractive and requires patience to obtain a significant return, which can sometimes take many years. However, in order to profit from the investment, a large sum of money needs to be invested. Retail investors often don’t choose to make such a major investment, but instead, wait for a potentially more limited return. But this does not mean that you cannot benefit from the stock price movement.

The OctaFX trading platform provides a way to trade stock indexes through CFD (combinations of stocks issued by different companies or industries), so that you can seize opportunities from the most popular stock index price fluctuations within a few minutes, without waiting for several years.

Trade Stocks and Indices on OctaFX

Take Advantage of Derivatives of Stock Markets

Since stock indexes are not physical assets, they can trade through the OctaFX CFD trading platform through products that reflect their price movements. CFDs stand out among other derivatives because they can be traded in micro-lots and have relatively higher leverage. CFD is a derivative financial instrument, and there is no need to actually hold it when trading assets. The price of CFD reflects the price of the relevant asset. CFD is actually a contract between the trader and the spread company. Index CFD covers all major markets in the world.

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Merits of trading Stocks Indices with OctaFX

OctaFX provides CFDs on the ten most popular stock indexes, including Dow, Nasdaq, Nikkei and EuroStoxx.

MT4/MT5 platform:
Today’s leading online trading platform. In addition to providing rich and diverse functions, they also provide powerful trading tools, including automated trading, technical indicators and advanced real-time charts.
Transparent prices:
Get real-time market prices and choose your assets wisely.
Leverage is 1:50:
Leverage is one of the most powerful tools in CFD trading. Invest only a small portion of the CFD value, thereby maximizing the potential of the investment portfolio.
No swaps or commissions:
Enjoy the best trading conditions in the industry, no commissions or swaps. OctaFX does not charge commissions based on trading volume, and provides you with the most cost-effective trading conditions.
Larger investment and greater profit:
Invest in the world’s most liquid index to increase profit potential.
Fast trading function:
Under volatile market conditions, it is necessary to place and close orders at the accurate time as soon as possible. And this function can reduce the entire process, and it can be done with just two buttons-it’s extremely simple.
Low spreads:
By opening index CFD trading, you can use the industry’s lowest spreads to reduce your investment portfolio spending.

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3. Commodities

Enjoy the advantages of trading gold, silver, crude oil, and other commodities on OctaFX.

These substances are tangible assets that can be traded, such as metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper, as well as crude oil, natural gas, and other resources.

The value of commodities to traders is that they have little to do with currency and stock market movements, which helps to build a diversified and stable investment portfolio.

The modern investment provides a variety of simple ways to participate in commodity trading the most common of which is trading CFD (Contracts for Difference). They allow you to participate in commodity transactions without actually owning assets.

Advantages of CFD trading:

  • Not only can you profit from a strong market, you can also profit from a falling market.
  • Only one platform is needed to speculate on a wide range of market options.
  • Margin trading allows you to create a diversified portfolio, rather than locking all funds in a single transaction.

Trade Commodity CFDs on OctaFX

Why you should trade Commodities with OctaFX?

No stacking commission
Most brokers charge fees to enter the market, but in OctaFX, you can forget about the fees and focus on trading and profitability.
Low Spreads
OctaFX has minimized your commodity transaction costs, and OctaFX provides the lowest spreads in the industry.
Flexible leverage ratio up to 1:200
Using leverage allows you to obtain greater market returns with a relatively small initial deposit. In other words, if your trading direction is correct, it will magnify your return on investment.
Market insights from OctaFX’s analysts
Send relevant market news and analysis directly to your commodity trading platform or mobile phone to keep the news open.

Find out more about OctaFX’s Commodity CFDs

4. Gold – XAU/USD

The growth of online investment has made gold trading very popular because it provides one of the simplest and most affordable means of profiting.

Gold has great transferable value, and history has proven that gold trading is very reliable. In addition, precious metals generally perform well during periods of currency depreciation and high inflation.

  • The most popular trading products.
  • Great hedge against inflation and deflation.
  • Strong demand is evidenced by history.

Trade Gold with OctaFX

OctaFX’s platform helps your Commodity trading

Analyze the market
Use graphs to understand the performance of gold or other commodities in different time periods. Back-test your strategy with historical data to see how it performs. Before trading, look for a specific K-line pattern, wait for a breakthrough, and follow the trend. Get free trading signals to help you make decisions or use the free Autochartist market report to understand the current trends of the most popular trading instruments. Technical analysis is very important to make the right decision.
Choose your commodity trading strategy
CFDs and foreign exchange trading strategies are different in the time and energy required, as well as the analysis and tools they apply, and the most important thing is the market conditions that match them. Familiar with some strategies may be beneficial to your trading.
Understand what affects commodity prices
There are many geopolitical and economic factors that affect the prices of commodities. There is no doubt that the biggest factor affecting commodity prices is the market supply and demand relationship. Follow market news and use weekly and daily forecasts to assist in making informed decisions with OctaFX’s analysts.
Don’t forget the risk management
Protecting your account from adverse price fluctuations is the most important part of a trading strategy. Understand the basic techniques of risk management.

Learn how to trade Commodities on OctaFX

5. Stocks

Online CFD stock trading brings huge advantages to traders. CFD stock trading eliminates the restrictions related to shorting. Previously, traditional stock traders were often required to invest in related tools before shorting, or short and long positions had different margin requirements. CFD also provides additional advantages:

Robust platform:
The online stock trading platform can automatically conduct machine transactions, reduce the guesswork, and eliminate perceptual and human errors.
Accessibility of the platform:
The intervention of technology makes these trading platforms very robust and reliable, and can be provided on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. More and more people can trade stocks more conveniently and monitor the trend of stock prices while they are moving.
Longer trading hours:
When the market is closed, traders can still establish trades, so as to quickly respond to corporate announcements and news, and even take action before the next time the market opens.
No paper documents:
This means easier establishment and execution of transactions and faster transactions.
Best trading tools and applications:
Through the extensive technical indicators of MT4/5, traders can make informed stock trading decisions.

Trade Stocks on OctaFX

Try Demo Trading of Stock Markets

Before trading real funds, you can use OctaFX’s demo account for practice. Stock CFDs can be traded on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms. The operation of the simulated account you created is exactly the same as that of the real account, and uses real market data, but does not require depositing funds. All profits and losses are virtual.

OctaFX recommends that you practice different trading strategies and techniques before switching to a real account to gain profit.

Open OctaFX’s Demo Account for free

6. Cryptocurrency

Make cryptocurrency transactions with OctaFX.

Cryptocurrencies are available on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. OctaFX supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum cash transactions.

Trading with 1:10 leverage
Use leverage to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.
Low entry cost
You can start trading Bitcoin for only $100.

Trade Cryptocurrency pairs on OctaFX

Why you should trade Cryptocurrency with OctaFX?

The most significant trend in the past few years
The price of Bitcoin rose 87% in 2019.
Introduction to cryptocurrency
No need for an e-wallet or looking for a better exchange rate.
High volatility
The phenomenal growth of Bitcoin has made cryptocurrencies highly volatile with the increase in transaction volume.
Well-known and trusted broker
Everything you need is ready in OctaFX MetaTrader.

Check out available Cryptos on OctaFX

What is OctaFX?

OctaFХ is your reliable business partner in the foreign exchange market.

OctaFХ helps foreign exchange traders make the most profitable and effective trading decisions. Experience it for yourself.

OctaFХ’s existence is to provide excellent services to those who enter the foreign exchange market.

OctaFХ ensures that your fund management is clear and accurate, the trading conditions are transparent and favorable, and all other easy-to-use services allow you to achieve profit without any interference. OctaFX helps you acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct effective and responsible transactions. OctaFX is constantly improving the conditions and standards every year, and strives to make your transaction with the number one foreign exchange broker OctaFX the best experience for you in the market.

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How you can benefit from OctaFX’s account

  • This app now supports multilanguage.
  • Create a trading account, modify leverage, enable the swap-free option, modify and recover password.
  • Use the most popular payment options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • View detailed all or account operation history, apply filtering to history, cancel your previous deposit.
  • Start trading within a compatible trading platform app.
  • Top up your demo account.
  • View match statistics and access your match account.
  • Activate bonuses and view statistics for active bonuses and completed bonuses.

Check out OctaFX’s Account Types

Everyone can reach foreign exchange transactions

OctaFX-one of the best foreign exchange brokers on the market, providing services to traders all over the world. OctaFX supports CFD trading, commodity trading, and index trading and provides award-winning trading conditions. OctaFX not only lowered the threshold for foreign exchange transactions for you, but OctaFX also provides various promotional activities to help you.

For today’s foreign exchange traders, this means that they will not miss this investment opportunity because of a lack of initial funds or no access to the global foreign exchange market.

With OctaFX, you can also benefit from the 50% Deposit Bonus offer.

Sometimes foreign exchange traders hope they can have more margin to trade, but they are not ready to deal with risks. OctaFX foreign exchange broker provides a 50% deposit bonus to help users start foreign exchange transactions with a higher net worth and increase their account balance.

Start trading Forex with OctaFX

Why choose to trade Forex with OctaFX?

The OctaFX foreign exchange broker guarantees reliable foreign exchange trading conditions and provides traders with different skill levels with opportunities to obtain more profits because:

No fees for deposits and withdrawals
OctaFX does not charge any fees on fund deposits and withdrawals.
OctaFX has prepared Islamic Swap-Free account type for traders in need.
No slippage
You can trade on OctaFX’s platforms with no slippage at all.
No delay
With OctaFX’s secure and ultra-fast execution, you can trade without any delays.

Through continuous improvement of foreign exchange trading conditions, year-on-year growth has been achieved.

OctaFX’s foreign exchange outreach makes it easier for people to enter the market. No matter how high the expectations of the customers are, OctaFX measures success by providing cost-effective trading conditions and fully transparent services on a global scale.

  • +6.6 million foreign exchange trading account has been opened
  • 5000000 orders have been executed
  • 38 awards won by the foreign exchange industry
  • 100 number of countries covered

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Great Advantages to trade with OctaFX

Narrow Spread
With the lowest spreads in the foreign exchange industry, you have the opportunity to earn up to 25% more profits than other foreign exchange brokers. OctaFX’s spread allows you to get the maximum benefit from each transaction.
50% Deposit Bonus
Open positions are higher and support your trading with a 50% bonus. You can also withdraw the bonus after reaching the required trading volume.
OctaFX Loyalty Program
OctaFX’s “Trade and Win” program allows you to redeem the latest gadgets and merchandise. In addition, your user identity grants you special privileges, such as advanced analysis, lower spreads and other exclusive benefits.
Secure Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
Don’t let anything drag you down. Start trading immediately after submitting the deposit, and quickly withdraw your profits.
No Commission
There are no commissions for deposits and withdrawals. When you trade with OctaFX, they will provide you with the most favorable foreign exchange broker exchange rate.
Negative balance protection (NBP)
When sudden market fluctuations seriously affect the value of assets, the account liquidation balance may become negative. OctaFX compensates for your account losses and clears the balance.

Find out more about OctaFX’s service

Education empowers OctaFX traders

OctaFX invests in foreign exchange traders.

An educated trader is a more capable foreign exchange trader. OctaFX has launched a set of educational materials and foreign exchange academy videos. OctaFX helps traders build a brighter future by providing various educational videos and unlimited simulation training accounts. These include the opportunity to earn up to $500 a month in a training model, without depositing funds, and learn basic trading skills for safe trading.

Learn how to trade with OctaFX

Conditions of Deposits and withdrawals for OctaFX

OctaFX accepts all the most popular payment methods.

OctaFX accepts deposits and withdrawals of funds via Perfect Money (Wallet), Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Your favorite local bank-within easy reach.

  1. Select the transfer method
    Transfer money via ATM, bank branch or use your mobile phone and online bank transfer.
  2. Make a transfer
    Specify payment details from your personal area.
  3. Notify OctaFX
    Keep the receipt or other proof of payment and notify OctaFX of the transfer.

See available fund deposit methods on OctaFX

OctaFX supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection)

The primary focus of OctaFX is to provide all OctaFX’s customers with negative balance protection and improve your trading experience: OctaFX’s risk management system ensures that customers’ losses will not exceed the initial investment. If the balance becomes negative due to the stop loss, OctaFX will compensate the relevant amount and adjust the account balance to zero.

OctaFX guarantees that your risk is limited to the funds you deposit in your account. Please note that negative balance protection does not include any debt payments by the customer. Therefore, OctaFX’s customers can be protected from losses exceeding the initial deposit.

When the account balance easily becomes negative, a major economic event may occur. At this time, the market fluctuates suddenly and sharply, which affects the value of the asset. Due to high volatility and price gaps, customers may lose their equity. OctaFX compensates the account balance to zero.

In order to prevent your account from reaching a negative balance, here are some preventive measures that you are recommended to take.

How NBP works on OctaFX’s accounts?

Is OctaFX a safe and trusted broker?

The safety of OctaFX’s clients’ funds is the top priority.

At OctaFX, you can rest assured that the broker will protect your funds in every possible way. The following are some of the measures OctaFX has taken to ensure the safety of funds.

Separate account
According to international regulatory standards, OctaFX uses segregated accounts to keep protected client funds separated from the company’s balance sheet. This keeps your funds safe and sound.
Use SSL encryption technology to protect personal account center
OctaFX uses highly secure technology to protect your personal data and financial transactions. (Secure Socket Layer) SSL-encrypted personal account center uses 128-bit encryption, which makes your browsing safe and data free from interception and theft by others.
Account verification
OctaFX recommends that you verify your account by submitting a scan of your personal ID and proof of address. This simple measure will ensure your transaction authorization and security.
Safe withdrawal rules
Since withdrawals from real accounts require email confirmation, no one can access your account except yourself. This also requires you to use the same payment details when depositing and withdrawing money. Therefore, in any case, OctaFX will not transfer your withdrawal to an unauthorized third party.
Visa 3D verification service
In processing credit and debit cards, OctaFX uses 3D security technology. This technology makes all Visa transactions transparent and safe.
Advanced protection
The OctaFX technical environment is monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team composed of highly professional security engineers and technical experts. They have developed and maintain the highest level of protection, so any data loss, damage or other technical issues are very unlikely.

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Open OctaFX Islamic Swap-Free Account

OctaFX provides one of the best conditions of Islamic swap-free.

Trading education
With OctaFX, you will learn to understand the market and operate with your experience and knowledge.
No swap options
You can enable the “Islamic” option of your trading account with one click from the beginning
Negative balance protection
When you trade, OctaFX becomes a partner: if your account becomes negative, OctaFX will compensate it to zero.

Open OctaFX’s Islamic Swap-Free account

Open OctaFX’s Demo (Virtual) Account

The foreign exchange market provides attractive opportunities for traders, but it also involves risks. This is why it is best to open a risk-free foreign exchange simulation account before using a live account for foreign exchange transactions. The OctaFX demo account provides the same foreign exchange trading experience as the real account, the only difference is that the funds in the foreign exchange demo account are virtual. You don’t need actual funds to trade, so your profits and losses are not real.

  • Don’t worry about the risk of loss and practice foreign exchange trading.
  • Participate in OctaFX’s simulation contest and win real money.
  • Test your new foreign exchange trading strategy.

No deposit or principal requirements are required to access the demo account.

The OctaFX foreign exchange demo contest account is essentially a practice account. You only need a few clicks to register and create an account to get started. With this account, you can get used to a number of functions of the foreign exchange operating platform before investing in real funds; familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the foreign exchange market. Practice with unlimited dollars to help you better understand how to execute transactions and your risk exposure. While understanding all the real account functions, also allows you to:

Completely free to use:
Test your trading strategy and smart scalping, and can trade as many times as needed, completely risk-free.
Use virtual currency transactions:
Even if it is a simulated transaction, OctaFX still provides you with free real trading signals.
Explore all the functions of the trading platform
Learn to read charts and use graphic indicators, price levels, Fibonacci retracements, etc. Test different types of orders.

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OctaFX Demo Account with Real Conditions

OctaFX understands that novice traders need time to familiarize themselves with the tools and market details. OctaFX believes that it is very important to provide a demo account for learners; if novice traders with no prior learning or practice, their performance may be far from their expectations. For experienced traders who wish to test their strategies forward or back-test and practice their trading skills, OctaFX’s demo account will provide more functions, provide unlimited balances and comprehensive support from various trading robots. Test trend tracking, breakouts, momentum and other strategies on your path to creating the best trading plan.

Although the OctaFX demo account does not involve real funds, transactions are conducted through real-time market data and simulate actual trading conditions. You will see real trading signals, charts and trading assets, completely free!

Open OctaFX’s Live and Demo Account

OctaFX Demo Trading Contest for MT4 and cTrader

The foreign exchange demo account is not just for learning the basics. They help experienced traders test high-intensity strategies. For example, a trader can practice scalping, which includes looking for small price changes and making profits as soon as profit opportunities arise. Need to use advanced EA automated trading strategies to continuously monitor the fluctuations of different currencies. Even a strategy that requires a lot of tools and a high degree of self-discipline can be operated on a demo account.

In order to make your learning process more beneficial, OctaFX has developed several simulation contests to allow you to win real monetary rewards. You can use scalping, automated trading, or show off your newly developed skills to get the first prize.

OctaFX Champion Demo Contest:
Trade on a demo account and win real prizes! The OctaFX long-term demo contest lasts for one month and has a prize of 1,000 USD. The prizes for the first, second and third place are 500 U.S. dollars, 300 U.S. dollars and 100 U.S. dollars respectively. In addition, incentive awards are awarded to the last one. Register a new demo account to win. All trading strategies and EAs can be used in this competition.
cTrader Weekly Demo Contest:
Use your cTrader demo account to trade and get a chance to win OctaFX prizes. The competition lasts for a week-from Monday to Friday’s closing-with a prize of $400.

The retail part of the foreign exchange market focuses on generating profits. When you think that you have accumulated enough experience in trading on the demo account, and create stable profits from one stage to one stage, OctaFX recommends that you further earn real money on the real trading account.

Check out OctaFX’s Bonus Promotions