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  • Whose dream came true this December?
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Brand new Trade 100 Bonus

FBS promised you some good news, and here they come!

This is an offer you can’t say “no” to.

FBS is launching a new Trade 100 Bonus.

Why 100? Because you’ll get $100 to start trading!

Tone up your brain and explore Forex with some additional funds from your favorite broker – it’s time to level up your trading.

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DREAMS COME TRUE – A washing machine to help a young family

Every month you post your touching and moving dreams on Facebook, and FBS chooses one to make it come true.

In December FBS helped a beginner trader Depi Sandi with his wish.

Depi Sandi from Cilegon, Indonesia is a laborer. He knew that his pregnant wife is having a hard time doing laundry manually and needs some help – so he asked FBS for an automated washing machine.

We hope the gift will help young family spend more time together! Watch the story now.

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4 Marin Market Events and News of the week

There are mainly 4 market events that can have significant impact to markets.

  1. February 20, 21:00 MT time – FOMC Meeting Minutes
    • The hawkish tone of the Federal Reserve will boost the US dollar.
  2. February 21, 2:30 MT time – Australian jobs data
    • If the level of employment change is higher and the unemployment rate is lower than the forecasts, the AUD will advance.
  3. February 21, 15:30 MT time – US core durable goods orders
    • Higher-than-expected figures will be supportive for the USD.
  4. February 22, 15:30 MT time – Canadian retail sales and core retail sales
    • If the actual releases come out higher, than the expectations, the Canadian dollar will rise.

The pension reform: a chance for the Brazilian real?

The pension reform a chance for the Brazilian real

Next week will bring some extra volatility to the emerging markets.

The highly anticipated Brazilian pension proposal will be sent to Congress on February 20.

This reform was the key element of the presidential election campaign by Jair Bolsonaro.

It helped him to become the president of Brazil.

The changes to the current pension situation are widely seen as crucial for the Brazilian public finances, as they may bring down Brazil’s mounting fiscal deficit.

However, as with most of the structural reforms, the proposal brought uncertainties to the market.

At first, the Brazilian president was seeking a consensus on the minimum retirement age.

Secondly, the delayed progress of the reform has been keeping investors cautious for the last three months.

Reportedly, the Brazilian president plans to propose a minimum retirement age of 65 years for men and 62 years for women with a 12-year transition period of the reform.

If Congress approves the reform bill, the Brazilian real will rise.

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