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FBS MT4 and MT5. Which platform is better?

FBS provides its traders with both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

One cannot device which trading platform is better for traders but there are certain differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are developed by the same company, MetaQuotes.

While MT4 has been the most popular trading platform in the Forex market, MT5 is a newly developed trading platform advanced features.

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MT4 Platform (MetaTrader 4) is the world’s most popular Forex online trading terminal.

The platform is even more powerful when connected to FBS’s deep FX liquidity pool through the custom-made MT4 bridge.

FBS has worked with MetaQuotes to coordinate FBS’sfiber optic network and servers to maximize the FX trading capabilities of MetaTrader 4.

FBS’s MT4 platform, renowned for its speed of light trading speed and price transparency, gives traders an edge in all asset classes.

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1. FBS MT4 chart

The FBS MT4 platform offers the most powerful charts on the market and is the most widely accepted Forex trading platform in the industry.

The service that allows you to customize charts with chart analysis and indicators is unique and gives you access to tens of thousands of choices.

Therefore, the FBS MT4 platform allows you to choose the chart option that suits your trading style and system.

Access to FBS MT4

The MT4 platform has expanded its market share due to its flexibility.

When you want to check the Forex chart, you can access it anytime and anywhere from the device you have in your hand.

With MT4’s powerful desktop software, Web Trader’s platform accessible from any web browser, and apps for Android and Apple, MT4 gives you access to the market from anywhere.

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3. FX Trading Robot (Expert Advisor)

Not all traders have time to manually trade Forex.

To make it easier for traders to trade, MT4 invented an FX robot called EA (Expert Advisor), which changed the market.

Forex traders can not only access a number of Forex robots that can be installed directly from the MT4 platform, but also incorporate their own custom programs into the trading platform.

Automated trading is an industry-focused trading system, and MT4 is its cutting-edge platform.

FBS employs a state-of-the-art fiber optic network to connect servers around the world to maximize profitability for traders who trade through automated trading.

FBS attaches great importance to the stable connection between the MT4 platform and your robot server, and FBS maintains it, so you can trade at the speed of light.

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4. MT4 FX Trading Signals

Since MT4 can track all orders in real time, many Forex traders are using MT4 as their charting platform.

From the Forex Trading Signals tab, you can refer to the ideas of experienced traders, so you can use this signal service to reflect it in your trading in real time.

MT4 signals can be filtered, analyzed and applied to your account directly from the trading platform.

As a result, traders are able to see the changing markets from time to time, with reference to the ideas of experienced and profitable traders.

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MetaTrader 5 Platform (MT5) is a next-generation Forex trading platform created from MetaQuates.

MT5 is the direct successor to MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the most famous and most popular Forex trading platform, taking your Forex trading to the next level.

MetaQuates has integrated and improved all the features that made MT4 a great Forex trading platform.

Forex trading on MT5 through FBS will allow you to profit from all EA and the latest version of MT5 with the ability to hedge signal trading and most important positions.

While many Forex brokers, which only offer older versions of the platform, do not allow hedging of positions, the latest version of MT5 can make a big difference for professional Forex traders.

The long-standing strong relationship between FBS and MetaQuates means that they are always at the forefront of development, and they also provide value in providing the ability to hedge with MT5.

There is also a reason why FBS has NY4 and MT5 Equinix servers in New York.

The reason is the location of the major liquidity providers involved with FBS.

In other words, FBS’s clients have been able to experience the fastest execution speed by trading on MT5 through FBS.

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1. Next-generation trading platform MetaTrader 5

Maintaining the familiar look and feel of MT4, MetaTrader 5 is a true next-generation Forex trading platform.

MT5 offers all types of trading orders for flexible Forex trading, financial instruments and index trading, giving you one-finger access to the market depth of FBS’s liquidity providers.

With MT5, you can see where your big orders are located in the price ladder and plan your transactions accordingly.

Two position accounting systems (netting and hedging) added in MT5 give you complete control over risk management for your account.

FBS understands the importance of risk management, so FBS ensures that FBS’s trading platform does not place unnecessary constraints on FBS’s clients’ goals.

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2. Take advantage of Forex trading

Trading with MetaTrader 5 through your FBS account will give you an edge in your trading.

Ultra-fast execution speeds, tightest spreads, and even more powerful charting capabilities than MT4 are some of the features that make MT5 a very powerful platform.

And with MT5, you can take advantage of even more timeframes on numerous charts on your own watchlist.

Have you ever wanted to see how your trading strategy works on a 12-minute chart, but have you been constrained by MT4’s limited timeframe capabilities? With 21 timeframes and a 1-minute history of quotes available, moving to MT5 is a wise choice in terms of flexibility.

In addition, an alert system designed to track all the market events that are already important in MT5 without having to look up an external economic calendar is a notable new feature.

If you trade with MT5, you will not miss one tick.

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3. Forex signal trading with MT5 FX Robot

Simply choose to run the MT5 Forex trading signal and ask the software to monitor the trades of other great traders and it will copy what the MT4 terminal is doing for the targeted traders.

In general, select the professional trader who wants to receive the trading signal from the traders already screened by MetaTrader Market.

All available MT5 trading signals are thoroughly tested before being pre-approved by the platform developer, so the trading signals available through MT5 are credible, secure and secure.

It should also be remembered that the advanced MQL5 programming language has been implemented for a better EA and automated trading application experience.

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4. Trade anytime and anywhere

The transition from MT4 to MT5 is pretty easy.

If you are a new client of FBS, you can use MT5 in minutes by filling out the form at the top of this page.

If you are an existing client of FBS currently trading on MT4, you can simply log in there, click Open Additional Account and select MetaTrader 5 to get started in the best possible environment right away.

It’s really easy to take your deal to the next level.

With the MT5 mobile app, you can connect to the FBS server for free 24 hours a day, even on the go.

But if you’re looking for a more powerful on-the-go solution, keep in mind that you can take advantage of MT5’s Web Trader platform, which requires no downloads or installations.

This means that you can trade anytime, anywhere, on any browser and on any operating system.

All you need is an internet connection.

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FBS MT4 and MT5 web traders

Experience MetaQuotes Web Trader with FBS.

From anywhere, you can access your MT4 and MT5 trading accounts and manage your transactions through any browser.

In addition, FBS’s optical fiber network allows you to make stable transactions at the speed of light.

FBS is one of the few brokers offering MT4 and MT5 built using MetaQuotes’ official trading platform.

Since there is no cooperation with external systems, traders can make stable transactions at the speed of light.

FBS’s MetaQuates web traders have the same specifications as the desktop version of MetaTrader.

You can access your trading account without having to download or install it on your device.

You can access your MT4 and MT5 trading accounts from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

You can use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari as your browser.

Experience fast and stable trading from any browser using FBS’s MT4 and MT5 web traders.

Experience stable access at the speed of light of a web trader.

With FBS’s MT4 and MT5 Web Trader, you can manage your transactions from anywhere with an internet connection and access the market at any time.

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FBS MT4 and MT5 mobile apps

fbs trader mobie app for iphone ipad android tablet

FBS offers MetaTrader’s official mobile app for trading anytime, anywhere.

Get fast and stable access to your Forex trading account through MetaQuates’ official mobile app.

These apps are available on all mobile platforms, including Apple and Android.

You can view prices and execute Forex trading in real time on the desktop version of MetaTrader platform as well.

You can open, close, modify, and cancel pending orders directly from your smartphone.

Balances and Forex trading are synced across MetaTrader platforms to keep them up to date.

Download FBS’s Mobile Apps

1. MetaTrader app for iPhone

Experience ultra-fast and stable access to your MetaTrader Forex trading account through MetaQuates’ official mobile app.

Apple users can download this app using the iTunes store or one of the buttons below.

Download FBS’s Mobile App for iPhone

2. MetaTrader app for Android

FBS allows Android mobile users to access MetaTrader’s Forex trading account through the official MetaQuates mobile app.

Experience Forex trading that is possible from Android at high speed and completely from anywhere anytime.

Android users can download this app using the Google Play store or one of the buttons below.

Download FBS’s Mobile App for Android

3. MetaTrader app for iPad

Even when you’re away from the trading desk, FBS gives you access to the larger screens offered by trading on your iPad.

Experience the simplicity and flexibility of the interactive Forex charts in MetaTrader’s official iPad-optimized app, and trade on the go.

With real-time Forex pricing and execution, you can monitor the market in real time on your iPad.

Apple users can download this app using the iTunes store or one of the buttons below.

Download FBS’s Mobile App for iPad

4. MetaTrader app for Android tablets

With MetaQuates’ official MetaTrader app for Android tablets, you will never miss a trading opportunity and you can use the larger screen to trade Forex on the go.

Customize your platform by dragging, dropping and tapping.

With the ability to draw on charts and adjust FX indicators, MetaQuates’ MetaTrader app gives you an interactive and controlled feel.

Android users can download this app using the Google Play store or one of the buttons below.

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