OctaFX's New Year Giveaway. Table of Contents


OctaFX will give away 8,000 USD

OctaFX is giving away 8,000 USD to help you achieve your goals.

8 days, 8 goals, 8 winners.

This year has been challenging for all of us.

But what gets us through is our aspirations and goals.

On the threshold of a New Year, OctaFX wants to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

OctaFX is willing to give you 1,000 USD.

Now is the season for New Year resolutions.

OctaFX’s resolution is to share your goals and change life for the better.

When you tell your story and your dream to the world, you’ll procure the means to reach it.

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How to get your 1,000 USD from OctaFX?

octafx is giving away 8,000 USD to help you achieve your goals

Once again, OctaFX is launching a marathon of your goals.

Tell OctaFX about what you want to achieve, and they will give you $1,000 to help you boost your goal.

That’s how you take part:

  1. Make a video post or a series of stories describing your goal;
  2. Complete your video with the phrase “OctaFX, I need your $1,000 to boost my goal.”;
    Make a video post or a chain of Stories on Instagtam about your goal and finish it with the phrase ‘OctaFX, I need your $1,000 to boost my goal’.
  3. Post it on Instagram with a hashtag #octafxgoalbooster and tag @octafx_official;
    Use ‘OctaFX Goalbooster’ AR mask or branded stickers (gif) in your Stories. Tag @octafx_official in the video and add the hashtag #octafxgoalbooster.
  4. Use OctaFX’s AR-mask and branded stickers if you post the video in the Instagram stories;
  5. Make sure your account is not private.

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How OctaFX will choose the winner of 1,000 USD?

From the 17th to the 24th of December, OctaFX will choose one goal a day that stands out the most.

For the most exciting, ambitious, or even cute video or series of stories, OctaFX will give away 1,000 USD every day for eight days.

The money will be credited directly into your trading account.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to withdraw it or increase your profit through trading.

It’s your time to get closer to your dreams.

You should be 18+ years old and have your Instagram account switched to public mode.

This should be on your primary account, not one you’ve created separately for this event.

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