There are some FX Brokers with high leverage more than 1:1000, but none of them have the maximum leverage without conditions.

Especially if you have high account balance, your broker would decrease the maximum leverage available in your trading account in order to manage possible risks.

LMFX offers High Leverage of 1:1000 without restrictions in terms of account balance.

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Who is LMFX?

LMFX is relatively a new broker which is founded two years ago in Macedonia.

The broker is not regulated by any authorities yet as “Forex” is not a part of regulations in the country, but the broker is seeking to acquire its first official license in some other areas.

LMFX has soon become a popular broker with its favorable conditions and services such as:

100% Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount is available for withdrawals by trading certain standard lots.

Not so many brokers offers withdrawable Deposit Bonuses.

Variable spread from 0.2

There is only a few brokers in the world which offers spread tighter than 0.5 pips including extra commissions.

LMFX is one of these few brokers.

Leverage up to 1:1000

LMFX is one of the few brokers which offer leverage more than 1:1000. It is the High Leverage for Forex tradings.

You can leverage your profit to thousand times more and limit the losses to the deposited amount with LMFX.

4 Free to join Contests

LMFX offers 4 different contest for free to join:

  1. Crystal Ball Contest to predict the closest price every week
  2. Real/Live Trading Contest
  3. Demo Trading Contest
  4. PAMM Contest

Why not apply for it and earn extra bonus from LMFX?

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Unlimited Leverage!

The biggest advantage of LMFX we like to point out is that, there is

No Leverage Restrictions according to account balances

For example, the broker with the highest leverage in the world, FBS has got leverage restrictions to it. And you can have 1:1000 only if your account balance is less than 5,000 USD.

In case of LMFX, you do not need to worry about that.

We, “Hercules.Finance” have confirmed with the broker that LFMX has no such leverage restrictions in general.

Are you looking to trade scalping with high leverage? LMFX may be the best choice for you.

Can “unregulated”LMFX be trusted?

Like already mentioned, “Forex” is not a part of the regulation in the country, so LMFX is not regulated by any financial regulations.

Although, LMFX is looking to acquire financial licenses in order to provide more worldwide service.

LMFX has “Segregated Accounts” to deposit its clients’ funds where it is separated from the normal operations.

Also LMFX is following certain KYC(know your customer) procedure with its AML(Anti Money Laundering) Policy.

Reviewing its activity for these years, the broker seems really decent and has potential to grow to be worldly recognized Broker.

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