MT4 & MT5 - How to make fund Deposit and Withdrawal & rules by LiteForex

How to make a deposit (top-up) MT4 and MT5 accounts

You can top up your trading account via your Client Profile from the Official Website using electronic payment systems indicated on the same page.

In order to top up the account with the help of your bank card, you can use several intermediary payment systems.

Also, you can deposit money in your account through bank wire transfer.

To select any of the deposit methods above, click the “Finance” button in the Client Profile and select the “Bank Card” option.

There are no limits on any type of account.

The amount you need to conduct trading operations in accordance with your trading strategy in a comfortable way can be calculated using Trader’s Calculator.

You can find more detailed information about the types of accounts on the page “Тypes of trading accounts”.

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Provided that all accounts belong to you and are located in the same Profile, a monetary transfer from one trading account to another can be carried out automatically in the Client Profile in the section “Metatrader”. This type of transaction can be made by clients themselves without the help of the Company’s Financial Department. Money is transferred from one account to another instantly. The number of internal transfers is limited to 50 operations a day.

Deposit Fees

The LiteForex Company does not charge commission for topping up a trading account.

You only pay the commission of the payment systems you use to top up your trading account.

Under its client loyalty program, LiteForex pays the clients back into their trading accounts deposit fees charged by most payment systems.

You don’t see your fund or your fund is lost in transfer?

In order to find a lost deposit, you shall contact the Financial Department using the most convenient way for you and provide the following information:

  • Number of your trading account;
  • Number or ID of the purse in payment system, which has been used to transfer money;
  • The amount of transferred funds;
  • The date and exact time with the time zone;
  • Transaction number (if available).

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How to make a withdrawal from MT4 and MT5 accounts

You can withdraw money from the trading account via your Client Profile in the “Finance”section, using the same payment systems that have been used to top up the account.

Please take note of the Company’s AML Policy (the funds can be transferred to the same purse and in the same currency which has been used for making a deposit), and the level of verification required for different types of withdrawals.

Withdrawal requests are processed manually by the Financial Department during its working hours.

According to the Client Agreement, the transfer is performed on a first-come-first-served basis within 1 working day from the date of request.

Kindly pay attention to the fact that if you use bank wire transfer, it can take up to 5 working days to process your transaction, depending on operation speed of the sender’s and beneficiary’s banks.

Use LiteForex’s Instant Withdrawal service

This type of service ensures that some withdrawals are handled automatically, enabling to reduce the queue-list of withdrawal requests.

You are entitled to carry out two instant withdrawals per day provided that the amount of these operations will not exceed 100$ and your Profile’s status is Confirmed.

If status of your Profile is Basic, then you will be able to carry out one instant withdrawal per day and the amount of your withdrawal shall not exceed 50$.

All the features of the service are set out here.

Rules you must follow for fund withdrawals

Please take note of the Company’s rules of depositing and withdrawing of the funds from a trading account.

These rules are aimed to exclusively reduce risks involved in these operations and to provide security of funds.

Withdrawal of the funds can be carried out only to the same purse and in the same currency, which has been used for topping up.

It means that if you top up your account, using Skrill, you can withdraw money only using the same Skrill purse, which has been used to top up.

If you wish to use a different payment system, the withdrawal will be possible only if you make a deposit with the help of a new purse and you will be able to withdraw the money to both purses proportionally.

This rule is governed by the AML policy.

Please note also that transactions for less than 1 USD are not accepted by our operators.

Was your withdrawal request cancelled or unsuccessful?

There are several reasons why your withdrawal application has been cancelled:

  • The money laundering policy has been violated;
  • A withdrawal has been requested through an electronic payment system which differs from the payment system that has been used to top up;
  • The purse you used to top up this trading account differs from the purse to which you are going to withdraw money;
  • Other reason. To find out the reason you shall contact the Financial Department using the most convenient way for you.

Working hours of LiteForex Financial Department

The financial department operates Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. (GMT+2).

Money deposits through Client Profile are made automatically.

Please remember that direct deposits to LiteForex’s wallet are not automatic.

After such deposit, you shall contact LiteForex’s Financial Department and inform them about the deposit.

You can reach them via email or through LIVE CHAT.

You shall provide the following information: the date and approximate time of transfer; exact amount of funds; number of your wallet; number of the wallet you have transferred the funds to; number of the trading account to which the funds shall be transferred.

Note that transfers from purse to purse are not automatic and require more time for processing.

Please top up your accounts via Client Profile to avoid delays.

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