New feature! Wallet accounts, now available

M4Markets is delighted to announce that the broker has introduced a new feature on the customer portal, Wallet Accounts.

Access to M4Markets’ Online Wallet

Each client will now be able to fund their eWallet instead of every trading account they may have, which will make depositing funds to your trading account (s) faster, smoother, and more efficient.

In addition to the added advantage of speed, Wallet Accounts also offer you a considerable improvement in terms of risk management possibilities, as you can now ensure that each trading account has enough funds to keep your positions open without having to risk the rest of your capital.

Wallet Accounts also have the added benefit of being able to distribute funds smoothly, allowing you to test various trading strategies in a much more efficient way.

Additionally, Wallet Accounts offer you the opportunity to unlock better conditions without having to deposit in your trading account the necessary funds to have VIP or Elite accounts.

By depositing the required amount for a VIP or Elite account into your Wallet Account, you will be able to opt for these accounts without the need to deposit funds directly into them.

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