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The development of the fundamental and technical analyses methods is a necessary condition for being successful at the financial market, but it is not the only one.

Sufficiency is achieved through the effective management of capital, which is understood as the cumulative actions of the trader related to risk management and money.

If money management is primarily directed at profit maximization, then risk management is all about minimizing the setbacks.

Below we will consider these two aspects in more detail.

The control over risks is an essential part of successful trading.

Effective risk management requires not only a close examination of risk proportion, but also a strategy for minimizing losses.

Understanding how to control the risk proportion allows both the newbie and the experienced trader to continue trading even when contingent losses arise.

As each deal is exposed to a certain degree of risk, the application of definite general principles of risk management will reduce the potential loss.

Some of the adopted axioms of risk control are described below and can be used by everyone who has ever traded or is considering it.

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