Yadix is a regulated and licensed Forex & CFD broker which strives to offer Direct Market Access for traders.

One of the few brokers which combines ‘STP MT4’ and ‘Bonus Promotions’.

Yadix offers the following types of Bonus Promotions:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Cash Back
  • Trading Bonus
  • Free VPS

and etc…

Please note that each promotion may have conditions to restrict certain trading activities.

Yadix is the broker who maintains both ‘Trading Quality’ and ‘Bonus Offerings’.

What you can trade/invest with Yadix?

With Yadix, you can invest in Forex pairs, Commodities and Index CFDs on MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform.

EURUSD spread starts from 0.0 pip and the average is 0.13 pip.

The maximum leverage is 1:500 and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is supported.

Yadix keeps some outstanding execution statistics:

  • 78% of trades filled at the requested price. (28% of orders filled with positive slippage. )
  • 99.4% of trades executed in 15 milliseconds or less. (the lowest is 6 milliseconds.)

At the same time, Yadix has no limitations on the MT4 trading platform:

  • No trading method restrictions
  • No Re-quotes
  • No limits to the number of pending orders
  • No Stop-loss hunting

Yadix, as a ECN/STP broker, welcomes aggressive Forex Scalping & all EA systems including Scalping Robots.

Note that some promotions restrict certain trading strategies.