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We live in a world where interest, inflation and growth rates vary from country to country.

Big cartels such as the ‘‘Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, (OPEC) dictate the supply and therefore the price of Oil. Geo-political issues affect the markets (e.g. the Ukrainian crisis, or a general election in the UK or Germany).

Maybe bad weather destroyed the wheat harvest, and this results to a spike in the price of bread.

Additionally, prices move because global events are always in a state of flux.

This has a direct impact not only on demand and supply but more importantly our expectations.

Is Forex trading risky?

Trading the Forex Markets could be risky but so is crossing a busy road with eyes closed whilst listening to music on the MP3 player.

With FBS, the broker always make sure they provide the clients full support, education, tools and a demo account to prepare them prepare for their trading journey.

This includes learning how to use a trading platform and being familiar with all order types.

Additionally, there is education and training that can be undertaken before one decides to trade on a live account.

FBS brings to all its clients a demo platform where an investor can simulate opening and closing positions and testing strategies without risking their capital.

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Guaranteed Stop Loss for all accounts

Also available to the traders are methods to limit the size of the loss that will negatively impact their trading account, by setting physical stop loss levels.

FBS protects an investors trading account by using automated margin stops, which stop a trading account from going into negative territory if a certain level is hit.

Furthermore FBS offers all clients negative balance protection.

This is useful in the unlikely event that market volatility is so great the liquidity dries up and the price slashes like a knife through investors stop and margin level without being automatically triggered.

Such an event occurred when the Swiss National Bank decided to no longer support the Euro with no warning.

FBS offers the clients the ability to trade nonstandard mini and micro lots which limit losses and allow investors to experience a realistic trading experience without taking the risk of losing a significant amount of capital.

FBS offers low cost Forex trading

It is generally accepted that the standard Forex Pip value is set at four decimal places.

However some pairs such as USDJPY are limited to two places.

FBS strives to give tighter pricing and therefore the FBS MT4 and MT5 quotes all prices in terms of five and three decimal places.

For example, the current EURUSD rate is 1.06105 and the USDJPY is quoted at 121.117.

Find out more in the official website of FBS below!

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