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iron fx world championship contest competition

Competitions and bonuses with IronFx

Since its creation, thanks to the tireless work of a team of highly qualified experts in the sector, IronFx has always proved to be extremely attentive to the quality of the services offered, giving each trader the opportunity to make the most of every opportunity.

The extraordinary promotions recently launched by IrnoFx represent a valid opportunity to increase the investment and earnings opportunities to be exploited in an extremely competitive environment.

In the list below, the list of the main offers launched by IronFx

  • IronFx Competitions: Iron World Championship
  • Unlimited sharing bonus of 100%
  • 40% Power Bonus
  • Iron Bonus of 20%

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IronFx competitions: Iron world championship

The most awaited offer by traders from all over the world with an astonishing prize pool of one million dollars that began on June 14th and ends on December 16th through which every month traders will compete in this fantastic competition and receive advantageous prizes in money.

In order to participate in the iron competition with IronFx, after having inquired about the terms and conditions relating to the offer, the customer must open a new real trading account and deposit the necessary funds during the various phases of the competition qualification.

The podium of the competition concerning the iron championship with IronFx will give the winners the following cash prizes.

  1. First place $ 500,000.
  2. Runner-up $ 200,000.
  3. Third place $ 100,000.

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How to participate in the Iron Competition with IronFx?

Each IrnoFx customer with an active real account will be able to access the promotion and compete to win advantageous cash prizes.

The next simple steps will allow any interested trader to participate in the competition.

  1. Register for the competition and choose a nickname.
    Provide the requested data through identification documents such as name and surname, country of residence, e-mail and hold an arrival account with IronFx.
  2. Fund deposit.
    Make a deposit no less than the minimum allowed to access the promotion.
  3. Getting started with trading.

Participate in IronFX’s Trading Contest

Terms and conditions relating to the promotion

Each customer must strictly follow the rules in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and misunderstandings that could lead to disqualification from the competition.

Following the fundamental rules to be able to have access to the promotion.

  1. To participate in the competition, the participant’s personal data (name, e-mail, country of origin, etc.) must be provided through identification documents and verifiable proof of residence and identity.
  2. The promotion is open to both existing IronFx account holders and new traders.
  3. All participants will have an additional trading account assigned after registering for the promotion.
  4. Participants must make a deposit with an amount not less than the minimum allowed for participation.
  5. Fund transfers between IronFx accounts are strictly prohibited.
  6. Each customer can decide to participate in the competition with as many accounts as she wishes.
  7. Traders who make it to the semifinals and final will be able to participate with only one trading account.

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Deposit bonus with IronFx

IronFx creates profitable trading opportunities by offering a wide range of deposit bonuses to suit any trader’s needs.

All traders with a real account with IronFx will be able to access promotions, manage their funds with new strategies and trading styles that will make every opportunity a potential profit.

The main deposit bonuses offered by IronFx are as follows.

  1. Unlimited sharing bonus of 100%.
    First deposit doubled.
  2. 2Power Bonus of 40%.
    Up to $ 4000 for trading with IronFx (Credits resulting from this promotion cannot be withdrawn but only used for trading purposes).
  3. Iron Bonus of 20%.
    Up to $ 2000 more on your deposit to be invested in the forex markets (this promotion does not allow the withdrawal of funds received from the promotion but only allows use for trading).

To know in detail all the promotions listed and see how advantageous they can be for trading visit the official website and open a real account.

With IronFx you can invest your funds on a wide range of instruments offered with six different asset classes (Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities and Futures) and choose the type of account that best suits your needs, being able to choose between Micro, Premium, Vip, Privileged Account, Cent Account, Fixed Zero Spread.

Experiences and opportunities not to be missed in a trading environment suitable for every trader, whether he is an expert or a novice.

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