Gold Market Outlook by IronFX. bullion

Trading in metals can provide a level of diversity to the portfolio of any investor.

IronFX offers clients the ability to trade both gold and silver on its customized MetaTrader4 platform.

Gold has historically been an investor’s favorite, silver also but to a lesser extent.

The market for metals is highly liquid and is often influenced by a variety of factors, including political, economic and social events.

During times of uncertainty, precious metals have proven repeatedly to be the safer alternative for investors as they are more resilient to the effects of economic pressures and downturns.

Both gold and silver can offer interesting trading opportunities depending on the choice of pair.

Gold is commonly traded against the dollar as the value of one typically affects the value of the other.

Gold is also known to be more volatile than silver, which provides significant trading opportunities upon big market movements.

Benefits of trading precious metals online with IronFX

  • Available to trade 23 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Leverage your trades up to 1:500
  • Low, fixed or floating spreads
  • Personal account manager for every client
  • Security of trading with an UK regulated broker
  • Market analysis tools to help you make better informed trading decisions

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When the times are uncertain due to political or economical events, or the markets are volatile, many investors opt for precious metals, and in particular gold.

Times of economic instability have typically led the value of gold to increase as it is considered by investors to be a safe haven option.

Such times also result in greater interest and demand for gold, which sees its value rise even further.

All of these market movements are trading opportunities that hold the potential for great profits when traded in a timely manner.

IronFX allows you to trade gold against the US dollar (XAU/USD) and against the euro (XAU/EUR) with extremely competitive leverage of up to 1:500.

The value of gold is usually correlated directly with the USD currency in which it is valued.

Trading these pairs allows you to not only diversify your portfolio, but it can open up an entirely new level of trading opportunities for you to capitalize on.

MT4 and MT5 to trade all financial products

Trading gold is identical to that of trading any Forex currency pair.

This means that Forex traders do not need to use a different trading platform or even learn any new operations.

Just make your market speculation, select the pair you wish to buy or sell and trade.

Take full advantage of all their services and products at your disposal, including free tools such as chart pattern recognition and economic calendar.

Gold can be traded 23 hours a day allowing you to trade at almost any time you like, and with their mobile trading platforms, anywhere you like too.

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