Get into a Budding Industry and Learn How to Trade Cannabis Futures with Tickmill!

You’ve probably heard about the budding Cannabis industry taking the trading world by storm. But, do you know how to start trading Cannabis Futures?

In the first of its kind at Tickmill, Tickmill is hosting a webinar with Frank Kaberna to explore how to trade Cannabis Futures on the Small Exchange.

S420 or Small Cannabis, groups producers and distributors of medical and recreational cannabis products into one price that can reflect fluctuations in the commodity’s use.

As legislation endeavors progress across the world, trading cannabis futures provides market volatility and opportunity.

Invest in Cannabis stocks on Tickmill

So, how will this webinar give us the 411 on the 420?

  • Cannabis – One of the newest stock sectors – has shown the ability to grow in early 2021 and could present a great growth investment in the future especially at these depressed levels (potential for return multiples relative to risk).
  • Small Cannabis futures are the first in this space. They let you invest in $1,000 worth of pot stocks (21 names total including ACB, TLRY, CGC, HEXO, and more) for just $165 in the initial margin.
  • Finally, S420 futures allow for trading strategies based on technical analysis and price action like other markets like stocks, commodities, and crypto.

The webinar will be at 2PM GMT and 10PM GMT on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

Are you ready to add Pot to your portfolio?

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These webinars are for information and educational purposes only. Tickmill does not provide any investment advice.