Copy traders and profit with JustForex

Even without trading experience, you can automatically copy leading traders and profit from their success

  • Copy well-performed and proven traders
  • No trading knowledge or experience required
  • Diversify your portfolio for stable income

Start Copy Trading with JustForex

How to start copy trading with JustForex?

  1. Create an investor wallet and deposit
    Sign up with Justforex and deposit to your investor wallet via your preferred payment method. If you already have funds in your Justforex account, you can deposit funds into your investor wallet via internal transfer.
  2. Copy the best traders
    Find the trader you wish to invest in and click “Start Copy”. Their transactions will be copied automatically. Diversify your portfolio with different strategies.
  3. Monitor and earn profit
    Enter the investor space and view your return metrics, edit or stop copying programs at any time. Copy multiple traders on demand and earn stable income.

JustForex Copytrading allows you to copy other traders and benefit from their success.

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How to select traders for copying?

Trader ratings in the leaderboard are based on a return metric that reflects how successful a trader’s strategy is. Using this indicator, you can select the most successful trader to invest with.

Trader statistics include performance, number of investors, commissions, currency pairs used by the trader, profit factor, order direction and other factors that you can review before making a copying decision. Before you start, you can set the deposit percentage and choose the amount of money you want to invest with a specific trader.

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How does replication work based on differences in volume and leverage?

The volume of copy trades depends on the leverage and equity of the trader’s and investor’s accounts. It is calculated as follows: Investor’s trading volume = (Investor’s Equity / Trader’s Equity) × (Investor’s Leverage / Trader’s Leverage) × Trader’s Trading Volume.

Example: Trader account equity is $500, leverage is 1:200, investor account equity is $200, leverage is 1:100.

Justforex does not charge any additional commissions, but you must pay a trader’s commission, which will be specified separately as a percentage of your profit. Commissions will be charged in US dollars.

Start Copy Trading with JustForex

What is the investment protection mechanism?

Investment protection is an option you can set before copying. It will help you control your risk. You can set its value between 0% and 50% of the funds invested by the trader. If your equity falls below the set value, Investment Protection will suspend copying new orders and close all your active orders.

Note that this option does not instantly protect you from losses during times of extreme market volatility.

Equity (Investor) < (100% – Deposit Percentage) × Balance (Investor). You can change it while the copy is in progress. You can unsubscribe from a trader and stop copying trades at any time. After unsubscribing, all funds invested in this trader and all profits from copying this trader will be returned to your investor wallet. Before unsubscribing, please ensure that all current transactions have ended. Go to JustForex’s Official Website