FX Trader Interview – How to make over 100% profit rate?

It is know that over 80% of Forex traders lost their invested funds.

But that means there are about 20% of traders who are making enormous profits.

It’s time to learn from professional traders!

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1. Over 60% Profit – Trading the financial news

Let’s listen to this successful FX trader who has achieved to earn great amount of profit by reviewing the latest Economic News.

Sim’s career began because of a deep need for an income generator.

This spurred his search for an investment tool, and soon after, he realized the long-term potential of trading.

That was ten years ago, and now he cooperates mainly with banks, brokers and private investors. He strives to review the latest financial news and keeps himself abreast of market changes.

Always learning about new investments every month, he monitors his financial standings consistently.

Sim says

“I challenge myself every month to learn at least one thing about finance. I am avidly interested in real estate investment, stocks, funds, REIT’s, gold&silver and other instruments.”

Sim understands that Forex trading involves straight risk and money management.

“In Forex trading, there are strict rules which must be followed to ensure success. By managing my own investments and understanding how the risks affect my trading profit, these rules became my habits.”

Along with controlling equity drawdown, limiting account leverage, and having SL in place, Sim believes that an important part of controlling risk is the trader’s mindset.

“My mindset emphasizes simplicity. I strive to reduce complexity and streamline every trading decision, remaining calm through every process. The failure of most traders is initiated by their complexity and loss of focus. This is the ‘hidden risk’ factor – when traders lose focus, the risk becomes uncountable and occurs silently within the Forex trader’s being. Simplifying the entire process from beginning to the end and responding to losses calmly is the only way to effectively handle this ‘hidden risk’ .”

Average annual gain: 63.14 %
Strategy trading length: 3 years
Minimum investment: 10.000 USD

Sim has designed a trading system which is built for the long-term profit return.

He can do this through conservative risks suitable for the low risk tolerance investor. Sim accentuates this strong characteristic of the strategy:

“This system has 3 years of verified history by MultiTrader and has been used on a live trading account for 5 years in with consistent, positive results. There has not been a negative, money losing month for the entire 5 year duration.”

And how do we see Sim? Sim is a strong person and trader who is deeply interested in contributing his skills to the Forex industry for the greater good.

He believes that every person deserves the opportunity to make money through the Forex market.

He wants to give back to society what it has so generously given to him, and to provide honest service to everyone, every time.

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2. Over 100% Profit – A strategy with no loss in a year

Mohamad G. is an institutional trader with more than 10 years of experience.

He began trading in 2003 and has since developed numerous risk management models such as Market, Operational, Stress Testing and Automated Risk models.

His passion for trading started with reading many books based on the subject and meeting real professionals in the field that would teach and inspire him to pursue trading as a career.

Mohamad states:

“I have read almost all the books from these authors: William J. O’Neil , George Soros, Nassim Nicholas Thaleb, Edward Ponsi, Jesse Livermore. In addition, I’ve attended live training sessions and courses with some veteran bank traders and champion traders with more than 25 years of experience.”

As the main trader behind ProTrendFX, his team’s strategy utilizes three different models for trade optimization and execution:

“Our strategy is a combination of sophisticated Automated Risk Management Model (which represents 50% of the strategy), an Automated Trade Management Model (25%), and a High Probability Mechanical Trading System (25%). Moreover, along with our Automated Market Risk Management, we manage operational risks with our “two-boss” organizational management structure. This represents a practical solution to our disciplined, team-based trading.”

Average annual gain: 107.64 %
Strategy trading length: 6 years
Minimum investment: 5.000 USD

ProTrendFX recorded its best year in 2009 when it gained 338.3%, and overall since 2007, it has consistently grown each year with an average return of 107.0%, with no year in loss.

The lowest yearly profit recorded was in 2012 with 34.8%.

When asked what is the key to your strategy’s stable growth and results, Mohamad replies:

“We use swing trades that target around 100 – 200 pips each , scaling out in adverse market conditions and pyramiding in more favorable ones. This strategy uses a combination of 2 simple patterns drawn on a daily chart; it is characterized by a High Sharp Ratio of 1.64, Alpha 8.4%, Beta -0.92% and it has a High Reward/Risk ratio of 3.”

Mohamad has a positive attitude toward sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of traders.

As an author of several studies and ongoing research on Binomial Probability Distribution, Stress Testing, Operational and Market Risk Management and the Psychology and Philosophy of trading- he covers the most important topics which concern the everyday work of market traders, from beginner to expert.

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3. Over 60% Profit – Stable Profits

With over four years of good, stable trading performance that beats the S&P 500 every year, and tens of millions in assets under his management, NFA exempt CTA trader Joiny J. began his money management business in 2009.

He now has clients and partners come from all over the world, including private funds, hedge funds, money managers and brokers.

Joiny describes his trading experience:

“My first time trading was in 2003. I was a news editor of a finance website, and it was my first job after I graduated Law studies at Nanjing University of China. One day, my boss said to me and my colleague: “If you want to do your job at its best, you should also trade so you can know what investors need”. So the boss lent me 100 USD, which I used to trade my first Forex account. Since then, I’ve traded for more than 10 years.”

From 2009 to 2013, Joiny has placed more than 2,400 trades and received very good returns from trading.

Profits have totaled 597.2% with the alltime maximum closed drawdown of 8.7%.

“It was in 2007 after many failed trades, where I figured out that most normal technical methods don’t bring very good performances in the long-term. So I worked hard and tried to find my own strategy. One day when I was just walking across the road, an idea suddenly popped in my head. It was then that I realized that trading should be simple. Just follow the market movement- that’s the principle of my strategy: simplicity.”

Average annual gain: 64.7%
Strategy trading length: 4 years
Minimum investment: 4,000 USD

As a result, Joiny’s strategy doesn’t use any indicators or charts and is indifferent to any news.

Moreover, his strategy can trade in any time frame with any currency pair in any direction. Yet he still sticks to a set of rules when trading:

“I usually trade at noon my time, using 6 pairs max, keep up the high win rate and leverage normally at 0.5-2 a pair. Most trades are closed within 24 hours; however, a few are held open for several days or weeks if they entered on middle or long-term signals.”

Before becoming a full-time trader, Joiny worked in a museum, and it seems that his passion for Chinese antiques is linked to how he thinks about investment’s potential.

“Antiques are just like trading, they are both the art of investment. Each is hard to learn, takes a long time to succeed, has the possibilities for big risk and big profit and can be enjoyed for the rest of your life. The longer you do it, the more value you can get. Thus, when investing with my strategy, do not exit because of some small loss, with more trades the strategy can fix its drawdown. Only the investors who stay with my strategy can get good returns, the longer the better. Time is the biggest leverage of money. Be its friend.”

Trade FX with the right tools, safety measures and professional support

Knowing the rules of the game before you play it is essential.

Would you get behind the wheel of a car and start to drive before you knew the rules?

Of course not.

You need to learn how to turn, when to stop and how to safely accelerate before you put yourself and others at risk on the road.

Forex trading is a little more complex than driving a car, but the basic principle remains the same.

You need to learn and understand the rules before you start to trade.

Understanding the details of your trading account, such as your account currency, spread, leverage, margin requirements, execution type, margin call and contract specifications – just to name a few – are vital if you are going to succeed.

With the right tools, safety measures and professional support, FBS sends you on the open road fully equipped to make the right decisions when you trade.

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