The recent FBS’s main News and Columns are:

  1. The greatest minds to inspire you
  2. Currency cross pairs and how to use them
  3. Fresh analytics for your profitable trading

Keep your Spirits up

I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it

“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it” — Vincent Van Gogh

Trading is more than just another income source.

Trading is like art, and every kind of art requires inspiration.

The universe bears a great amount of wisdom: you can find inspiration for every day of your life in the words of the greatest minds.

Find the words to keep your spirits up!

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Main Economic News and Events of the week

  1. March 6, 2:30 MT time – Australian quarterly GDP growth
    • If the actual level of indicator is higher than the forecasts, the AUD will rise.
  2. March 6, 17:00 MT time – Rate statement by the Bank of Canada
    • The positive tone of the statement will boost the Canadian currency
  3. March 7, 14:45 MT time – Rate statement by the European Central bank
    • If the comments by the ECB president are hawkish, the EUR will move up.
  4. March 8, 15:30 MT time – Non-farm employment change (NFP)
    • The higher-than-expected figures will bring positive momentum to the USD

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FRESH ANALYTICS – Will the JPY be supported?

Last Friday’s risk-on sentiment continued pulling the Japanese currency, the famous safe-haven, to the new lows.

The yen was trading against the USD, the EUR, and, surprisingly, the GBP on the levels of the last November-December. What are the reasons?

At first, it’s not a secret that the positive news on the breakthrough in US-China trade negotiations was warmly welcomed by the market.

It resulted in the demand for risky assets, which weakened the Japanese yen.

Secondly, the dovish comments by the bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda on the further easing of the bank’s monetary policy affected the currency negatively.

Despite these factors, this week may provide some opportunities for the JPY to recover.

We need to wait for the updates on the trade truce, the release of Chinese trade balance on Friday and the comments by the FOMC members.

Any uncertainties or weak Chinese data will push the JPY higher.

Currency Cross Pairs: How to trade them?


Do you know that a currency pair may be formed without the US dollar?

And these currency pairs are called currency cross pairs?

Cross currency allows you to trade fundamentals much easier — see for yourself using some examples in the article!

Read how to trade currency cross pairs and why they are more than a non-mainstream way of trading, but actually a quite profitable one.

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