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MetaTrader is launched by MetaQuotes Software, today’s most popular online foreign exchange trading platform.

MetaTrader has been on Windows PC system since 2005, and most users regard it as the best choice for trading platform.

At the same time, the software provides Android and IOS system versions for users’ convenience.

But the app does not support all operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS or other systems used by many users.

For these users, MetaQuotes has launched a new type of web-side MetaTrader, or MT web version.

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What makes MT4/5 web version popular?

The MT4/5 web version does not have all the functions of the client software-some functions have been deleted, but the web version has many unique advantages:

  • Common to all systems. No matter you use Gentoo, Chrome OS or even FreeBSD system, as long as you have a popular browser installed, you can use the MT4/5 web version.
  • Powerful trading functions. You can enjoy 9 time intervals, 30 technical indicators, multiple images, chart export and other functions that the MT4/5 client terminal has.
  • Desktop UI. You can use the same user pages, windows, buttons and charts as the desktop client to trade.
  • One-click trading. You can easily create an order with one click, even in the 1M time interval, you don’t have to worry about not having time to trade.
  • Customize the chart. Freely modify the color scheme, chart elements, indicators and other parameters, allowing you to enjoy the best trading experience.
  • Compatible with foreign exchange trading functions. Support real-time execution and market execution, delay orders can be set, stop loss and take profit functions can be used.
  • Offline support. When you are offline, you can still use the data. Mail, transaction history and pre-downloaded charts can be used in a non-networked state.

Of course you will not be able to use some functions. For example, you cannot use the Expert Advisor (EA) that the desktop version has. Due to restrictions on the functions available on the web page, some functions have been removed. So if you rely on Expert Advisors (EA), it is recommended that you use MetaTrader 4 desktop version or MetaTrader 5 desktop version.

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Why use the MetaTrader web version?

Most users use the Windows system, which can perfectly run the Metatrader PC client version-a powerful trading platform. However, if you have the following needs, the Metatrader web version is your only choice:

  • High security trading environment. Some users do not like to install software on their computers because they are afraid of virus infection. If you don’t want to install any software on your computer, then the Metatrader web version can meet your requirements.
  • Low budget. Now, a brand new Chromebook is less than $100, which is much cheaper than other laptops, but you cannot install Windows. With the Metatrader web version, you can easily trade!
  • Temporary use. Sometimes you may need to view some foreign exchange information on someone else’s computer. The Metatrader web version helps you save the complicated operation of installing and then uninstalling the MT4/5 desktop version. Just remember to clear the web cache.

On the other hand, if you have the following situations, it is not recommended that you use the Metatrader web terminal. For example, your network condition is not good. Using the MT4/5 desktop version or mobile version will reduce the delay and get a better trading experience. This is because the real-time upload and download data of the web version will reduce your network conditions, resulting in delays and freezes.

In short, the MetaTrader web terminal is suitable for special situations. It is recommended that you use it as a supplementary tool. Of course you can use it around the clock, but the PC client will give you a better trading experience. However, once you have a special trading need, you will realize the power of the MetaTrader web terminal.

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How to use MetaTrader web terminal in SuperForex?

SuperForex supports the use of real and simulated accounts on the MetaTrader web side.

You can use it as your main trading platform or use it interchangeably with desktop and mobile.

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Before using the MetaTrader web terminal, you need to open a SuperForex account, click here to register.

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