How to open TopFX’s MT4 and cTrader account?

  1. Go to TopFX’s registration page;
  2. Submit the account opening form;
  3. Receive your account ID and password;
  4. Log in to TopFX’s client portal from the official website;
  5. Download MT4 or cTrader, and make a deposit;
  6. Log in to TopFX’s MT4 or cTrader and start trading.

With TopFX, you can open a live trading account for free within a few minutes.

Once you open an account with TopFX, you will be provided with advanced trading platforms, tools and other materials for free.

Open TopFX’s Account

Available trading methods on TopFX MT4 and cTrader

Manual operation
Make their own trading decisions and through MT4 or cTrader manual orders.
Copy trading
Don’t want to trade by yourself? Start copying the proven strategies in cTrader Copy, or use a strategy provider to trade on your behalf through TopFX’s MT4 PAMM.
Trading robot
Use MT4 Expert Advisors or cTrader”\s cBots to automate trading faster and more objectively.
Trading signal
Get executable platform trading advice provided by Trading Central, a global leader in financial market analysis.
The FIX API used by TopFX is an ideal choice for professional traders and institutional traders who trade frequently. It has the lowest delay in the transaction process and can be perfectly integrated with your algorithmic trading system.

Start trading on TopFX MT4 and cTrader

Types of trading platforms offered by TopFX

cTrader desktop and web version
cTrader has set a new benchmark for the foreign exchange trading industry by providing advanced market analysis tools and diversified trading methods.
cTrader mobile version (mobile phones and tablets)
The cTrader application is available for Android and iOS devices and is specially designed for efficient mobile trading.
MT4 desktop version
The MT4 platform can provide a large number of foreign exchange trading robots to choose from, so it is favored by traders.
MT4 mobile version (mobile phones and tablets)
The MT4 application is suitable for Android and iOS devices, and users can easily place orders and monitor foreign exchange positions while on the move.

Register and Download TopFX’s Platforms

TopFX MT4 and cTrader – Which platform should you choose?

TopFX’s RAW and ZERO accounts are suitable for MT4 and cTrader platforms.

1. TopFX cTrader

The cTrader trading platform is very powerful. Its internal processing time is only 3 milliseconds, and it has been running 100% in the past 7 years. It has comprehensive charting tools, market depth display function, advanced risk management mechanism, and can conduct an in-depth and detailed analysis of your account performance.

TopFX cTrader perfectly combines reliable quotation sources and a non-processing background mode (NDD) execution model. If you choose to trade on this platform, you will have higher transparency and the lowest transaction execution delay. Such conditions provide an ideal trading environment for customers engaged in high-frequency trading and other short-term strategies. TopFX cTrader can also meet the various trading needs of users. Traders can perform manual transactions, copy transactions, use robots or follow up trading signals, all of which can be implemented through a trading interface.

If you need a professional platform that can meet the requirements of high efficiency, accurate calculation, and diversified trading methods at the same time, then TopFX cTrader will be your first choice.

Open TopFX’s cTrader Account

2. TopFX MT4 (MetaTrader4)

MT4 is the most popular trading platform in the world. Traders choose this platform for reasons: user-friendly, customizable interface and a variety of automated trading tools.

TopFX MT4 trading platform not only enables traditional advantages, also has orders for seamless execution functions. TopFX’s non-processed background mode (NDD) execution model to operate, and spend the establishment of a powerful trading infrastructure to ensure that customers can get the most reliable source of quotes.

Open TopFX’s MT4 Account

1. Foreign exchange

TopFX has established a long-term cooperative relationship with first-tier institutions and can provide traders with ultra-reliable price information and institutional pricing for more than 80 currency pairs. Choosing TopFX means that the price is more stable, the cost is lower, and the execution speed is unparalleled, and you will definitely benefit from it.

Invest in Forex with TopFX

What is foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange is a trading market for speculative operations in currency pairs. When trading foreign exchange, you buy or sell a currency in another currency, and in this process, you do not actually hold such currency.
For example, if you think that the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar will rise, you can open
a long position. If you think the price of the euro will fall, you can choose to go short. If the forecast is correct, you can get profit from it, and the difference between the opening price and the closing price is your profit.

Open TopFX’s Forex Trading Account

Trade with TopFX to reduce FX transaction costs

However, although the difference between the opening price and the closing price is your gross profit, you still need to include transaction costs. The most basic transaction costs include spreads, and depending on the selected account type, you may also be charged a certain commission rate.

For all account types on the platform, TopFX can provide ultra-low prices. Therefore, customers can choose the account type according to their personal preferences. TopFX’s RAW account type allows you to use spreads as low as 0.0 pips and some of the lowest commission rates in the market to trade, and TopFX’s ZERO account type has a one-price all-inclusive spread charging scheme, so no additional commissions will be charged.

Trade FX with one of the lowest costs

2. Stocks (Shares)

Choose a prime broker to trade more than 900 stock CFDs steadily.

Trade CFDs on stocks in the United States, the European Union and the Asia-Pacific region and easily enter the global stock market.

New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Exchange
223 financial instruments
240 financial instruments
Tokyo Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange
80 financial instruments
56 financial instruments

Invest in Stocks with TopFX

How to operate stock CFD trading?

In traditional stock trading, buying one share means buying a unit of ownership of the company. When you trade stock CFDs, you only need to predict whether the price of a particular stock will rise or fall for speculative trading without actually holding the underlying asset. If the market trend is consistent with the opening direction of your position, you can profit from it. But if the market moves in the opposite direction, you will face a loss.

Open TopFX’s Account

Choose TopFX to trade stock CFDs

TopFX offers more than 900 stock CFDs, and customers can use leverage tools up to 1:20 to trade. Compared with investors who actually hold assets*, you can use less deposited funds to open larger open positions in stocks if you choose leveraged trading. In addition, TopFX’s extraordinary liquidity and highly competitive quotations can also help you to conduct transactions in a cost-effective and efficient manner in a reliable and safe environment.

*Please note: Once leverage is used, the risk will also increase substantially.

Invest in Stocks with TopFX

Trade Stocks on powerful cTrader platform

cTrader is powerful and far exceeds customer expectations.

You can trade stock CFDs on the award-winning cTrader platform.

On cTrader, you can trade stock CFDs based on institutional-level conditions. CTrader is an industry-leading professional trading platform that perfectly combines advanced technical analysis, risk management mechanisms and performance reporting tools.

  • A detailed description of product code.
  • Market depth.
  • The platform has built-in trading signals for selected assets.
  • Economic Calendar.
  • Market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders and stop-loss limit orders.
  • K-line chart, histogram, HLC price chart, line chart, average candlestick chart, dot matrix chart, brick chart and other charts.
  • Drag and drop chart trading.
  • Mobile transaction.

Invest in Stocks on TopFX cTrader

3. Precious metals

Trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with low spreads and ultra-fast execution speed.

When conducting CFD transactions, predict the price of the underlying asset, but do not own or trade the underlying asset itself. Therefore, metal CFD trading means trading only on the exchange rates of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium against the US dollar and the euro.”

For example, if you believe that the price of gold (XAU) against the U.S. dollar will rise in the future, you can place a “buy” order; if you believe that the price will fall in the future, you can place a “sell” order. The highest leverage ratio of TopFX metal trading is 1:200, and traders can get more exposure to the market with fewer funds.

  • Trade on MT4 and cTrader platforms on all devices.
  • No processing background execution.
  • A variety of trading methods: manual, copy, automatic trading and platform signals.
  • Choose your preferred pricing model through RAW account or zero account.

Invest in Precious Metals with TopFX

4. Energy

Trade Brent crude oil, WTI and natural gas CFDs in accordance with top trading conditions.

Oil price is one of the indicators to measure the robustness of the global economy. Oil demand is linked to economic growth. When the economy is in recession, oil prices may fall. This is a 24-hour market with high volatility, making it a good choice for day traders who pursue rapid volatility.

Crude oil CFD trading is one of the ways to easily enter the energy market and does not require the possession of underlying assets. You only need to make predictions about the rise and fall of oil and gas prices.

  • Sufficient liquidity pool to ensure price stability.
  • Low spreads, super-fast order execution speed.
  • Support manual trading, copy trading or use robot trading.
  • High-quality trading signals from Trading Central and Autochartist.
  • Choose your preferred pricing model through RAW account or zero account.

Invest in Energies on TopFX