Open SuperForex’s ECN Trading Account

When you sign up for SuperForex’s service, you can mainly choose from STP and ECN accounts to trade on.

SuperForex currently offers the following ECN account types.

To open an ECN account, go to the registration page of SuperForex and choose “ECN” in the form.

Account Types ECN Standard ECN Standard Mini ECN Swap-Free ECN Swap-Free Mini ECN Crypto
Required Minimum Deposit 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD $100
Maximum Account Balance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
1 Lot Size $100,000 $10,000 $100,000 $10,000 10 BTC
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:10
Swap Points Credited and Charged Credited and Charged None None None
Spread Type Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Available Bonuses Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic

Open SuperForex ECN Account

What is ECN Trading?

ECN stands for ‘electronic communication network’ and refers to an automatic trading system that connects individual traders with liquidity providers such as banks, securities firms, and other traders. This process provides individual investors with access to financial markets regardless of their trading account type and account balance.

ECN brokers are generally NDD (No Dealing Desk) brokers, and the customer’s order is directly connected to the counterparty without going through the dealing desk and the order is executed.

ECN is an automatic trading system that discloses the order details entered by market participants to third parties and individual traders. These orders are automatically executed by matching the buy and sell orders that offer the most favorable bid.

ECN trading is a highly efficient process using the latest technology. It connects all traders and liquidity providers, large and small, directly, eliminating the need for ‘brokers’ to trade.

ECN trading offers low spreads and deep market depth. This is possible because ECN brokers combine the bid/ask prices of multiple participants to provide a low bid/ask spread. The highly automated trading process allows for real-time market quotes and fast execution!

You can think of it as an exchange where broker clients can trade with each other so that they can execute at the most favorable price every time.

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Principle of ECN system

See how the complex automated trading process works in the graphic below.

Principle of ECN system forex broker

A liquidity provider, such as a global bank, places a buy or sell order on the ECN server. Then, mark up the order for the customer to transact with.

Opposite traders have access to different bids, and the most favorable bid and ask bids are displayed. There are no ‘brokers’ to intervene in the traditional trading process.

ECN brokers help clients directly enter the currency market by matching ECN trades between market participants and then forwarding those orders to liquidity providers.

Open SuperForex ECN Account

What is an ECN Forex Broker?

Again, the foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market in terms of size and accessibility.

The daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market is over $5 trillion, which is 50 times the trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange.

About 90% of foreign exchange transactions are speculative trading.More than 85% of Forex transactions occur in major currencies.

The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, from 5pm EST on Sunday to 4pm EST on Friday.

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One thing to note is that ECN brokers avoid widening the spreads common with traditional brokers. However, ECN brokers receive transparent and constant commission income for each transaction.

Market price agreement
The ECN broker automatically matches the requested order and places it at the most favorable bid price. Traders will immediately receive a confirmation message and there will be no requotes as there is no dealing desk intervention.
Low spread
Compared to regular brokers, ECN brokers have no ‘broker’ and can offer much lower spreads. ECN trading aggregates quotes from many market participants, thus avoiding widening spreads.
In the ECN broker, trading activity is guaranteed completely anonymity. ECN provides a certain level of privacy for traders who need privacy, such as traders placing large orders, so quotes reflect real market conditions in real time.

Open SuperForex ECN Account

The main downside to using an ECN broker is the fees. These fees are calculated on a per transaction basis, which can be expensive in the long run.

Fixed fee
Brokers charge a constant fee for each trade in order to earn commission income. However, it is clearly transparent compared to the cost involved when using a market maker (MM).
Fluctuating spread
Real-time quotes are constantly changing, especially when the trading hours overlap, and the right ECN broker can offer floating spreads.
Execution risk
As with other financial transactions, there are risks involved when trading in a state of insufficient liquidity (where holdings are prone to liquidation).

The introduction of ECN trading marked a major turning point in the foreign exchange industry. ECN, which trades directly with liquidity providers and automatically matches and executes orders, has become the preferred trading method for many Forex traders around the world in the future.

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