How to open an account with Pacific Union?

Opening an account is very simple, please log in to the PACIFIC UNION official website, click on the “real account” on the page, fill in the relevant information according to the steps, and upload the front and back sides of your ID card and the photos of the address certification documents at the same time.

After submission, the registered email will receive the login account and password in the background.

Pacific Union will review it within 1 working day. After the review is passed, the MT4 account password and document review email will be sent to your registered mailbox.

The supporting documents that need to be provided include the front and back photos of your passport or ID card and proof of address.

Address proof documents including utility bills/credit card bills/bank statements that are valid within six months and include proof of detailed address.

If the information you submit is complete, the review department will verify the client’s information and complete the account opening within one working day.

At that time, the MT4/MT5 account password and document approval email will be sent to the registered email address you filled in when you opened the account.

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What is Pacific Union?

Pacific Union is a service-oriented global multi-asset online trading service provider, providing global traders with more than 200 trading products such as currencies, precious metals, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Pacific Union (Seychelles) Limited is registered in Seychelles at 102 on the Ground Floor of the House of Francis, Ile Du Port, Mahe, Seychelles, and is authorized and supervised by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Regulatory number: SD050.

Pacific Union has many liquidity providers such as JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Barclays, Citibank, etc. to ensure the stability of funds and the best market price.

Through a series of teaching articles and tutorials provided by Pacific Union, you can expand your trading knowledge, improve your trading level, and have the ability to trade with confidence.

You can contact online customer service and leave your name, contact number, and email address. Pacific Union can arrange a professional account manager to provide you with consulting services.

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Is Pacific Union a safe broker?

The funds in your trading account are deposited in the accounts of AA-level banks: Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac Banking Corporation.

The funds of your trading account are deposited in the accounts of AA-level banks-Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is an AA-rated bank.

According to Australian law, banks are required to purchase a large amount of insurance to ensure that the bank has sufficient insurance compensation to compensate customers in the event of bankruptcy.

Pacific Union is authorized and supervised by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, numbered SD050.

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority requires Pacific Union to deposit a large margin with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority to ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay customers under any circumstances.

Pacific Union deposits all customer funds in separate customer trust accounts of AA-rated banks in Australia, and customer funds are separated from the company’s own funds.

Pacific Union’s account terms provide further details on how to handle your funds in the event of bankruptcy.

All your data and information are absolutely safe. The registration process and all electronic payments are processed by SSL (Secure Sockets Protocol) technology and encrypted to ensure security.

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Account Types of Pacific Union

Pacific Union provides four types of accounts, STD account, Prime account, Islamic account and cent account.

Standard account
Pacific Union provides customers with ultra-fast transaction execution speed and the lowest possible spreads. Pacific Union’s average EUR/USD spread starts at 1.3 pips.
Prime account
Pacific Union provides customers with ultra-fast transaction execution speed and the lowest spreads. Our average EUR/USD spread starts at 0.0 pips.
Cent account
The transaction execution speed and handicap are the same as the Standard account. The balance in the account is displayed in US cents, and the ratio is 1 US dollar equals 100 US cents.
Islamic accounts
Pacific Union provides Islamic accounts for Muslim customers, also known as swap-free accounts. The owners of swap-free accounts will be charged a management fee instead. Since Islamic law does not allow Muslims to use swap transactions, this type of account is specially set up for customers of the Muslim faith.

Pacific Union supports each customer to open up to 8 trading accounts with the same name. You can apply for an additional trading account for trading in the Account Management Center (Client Portal), and then click “Additional Account” in “Account Management”. Pacific Union will do so within 1 working day Review and activate.

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Difference between Standard and Prime accounts

Standard account
This type of account provided by Pacific Union has ultra-fast transaction execution speed and the lowest possible spreads. The average spread of EUR/USD is 1.3 points. There is no commission charged for trading with Standard account.
Prime account:
This type of account provided by Pacific Union provides ultra-fast transaction execution speed and the lowest spreads. It shows the original inter-bank spreads obtained from Pacific Union’s liquidity provider. The average spread of EUR/USD starts at 0.0 pips. The trading commission is $7 USD per standard trading lot.

There will be a handling fee for both account types trading stock products.

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Requirements to open a Company (Corporate) account

Aas part of Pacific Union’s Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements, you need to provide us with your identity information. In order to ensure that your account application is approved, please submit the following documents related to company information:

  • Identity proof of each director/legal person;
  • Address proof of each director and legal person;
  • Address proof of the company;
  • Company registration certificate/business License certificate;
  • Signed company regulations.

The validity period of all address certification documents shall not exceed 6 months. Deposits and withdrawals must be made through a company account, and the bank account name must be the same as the name of the opened account.

Open a Corporate Account

How to open a Joint account?

If you want to open a joint account, you need to submit an individual (individual) account opening application first, then upload the account opening information of the other person who needs to be merged at the same time, and then send a joint account opening request. If you already have a personal account, you can send a joint merger request so that Pacific Union can merge your account with the account of the second customer.

Both parties need to agree to the merger in order to apply for a joint account. The deposit can be made with a joint card or a personal card of both parties of the joint account, but the withdrawal must be a joint bank card.

Documents and information required for joint account:

  • Proof of the identity and address of the two customers;
  • The customer’s joint account bank card;
  • The customer’s joint bank account opening certificate.

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How to open a Demo (Virtual) account?

The simulation disk is mainly to give customers the experience of trading, without any risk, and will not be subject to interest and dividend adjustments, slippage of sudden market fluctuations. The demo account does not fully reflect the trading conditions on the market. Please refer to the real account for all transaction data.

Pacific Union’s demo account is valid for 60 days. After expiration, you need to reapply for a new demo account in the Account Management Center (Client Portal).

Open a Demo Account

Condition of Fund Deposit to Pacific Union

Pacific Union supports a total of 9 account currencies including GBP, CAD, AUD, EUR, SGD, NZD, HKD, JPY, and USD.

The minimum deposit amount for a Standard account is 50 units of currency; the minimum deposit amount for a Prime account is 1,000 units of currency. If it is a Hong Kong dollar (HKD) or Japanese yen (JPY) deposit, it needs to be equivalent to 1,000 US dollars. The minimum deposit amount for a Cent account It’s 20 dollars.

Pacific Union does not charge a fee for deposits. However, for some deposit methods such as international wire transfer or e-wallet, the bank may charge part of the handling fee, but the specific processing conditions of the bank shall prevail.

You can also deposit funds on weekends; you can submit the withdrawal application in the background first, but the bank can only process it during normal working days.

If you want to operate deposits and withdrawals on your mobile phone, you also need to log in to the client’s background through a browser. However, the operation on the mobile phone is not very convenient. It is recommended that you try to operate through the PC browser.

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Possible Reasons your deposit is failed

If your deposit is successful for more than 1 hour, and the funds still have not arrived on your MT4/MT5, it may be caused by a delay in the banking system. It is recommended that you send a screenshot of bank online banking deduction, MT4/MT5 account number and deposit amount. The person in charge will check the reason for the non-payment for the customer and deal with it during working days. Thank you for your cooperation.

Except that there is no minimum and maximum deposit/deposit amount limit for international wire transfers, the minimum amount for all other deposits is 50 units of currency.

There is no maximum amount for Bitwallet, SticpayNeteller/skrill and cryptocurrency deposits.

The maximum amounts for other deposits are:

Deposit MethodsMaximum Amount Per Deposit
Credit card/ Debit card:5000 USD
Alipay:20,000 CNY
Fasapay:25,000 USD
Astropay:10,000 USD
China UnionPay transfer:50,000 CNY
Canadian bank instant transfer:9,999 CAD
Indonesia Bank instant transfer:100,000,000 IDR
Malaysian bank instant transfer:50,000 MYR
Korean bank instant transfer:30,000,000 KRW
Vietnamese bank instant transfer:300,000,000 VND
Philippine bank instant transfer:250,000 PHP
Thai bank instant transfer:500,000 THB
South African bank instant transfer:250,000 ZAR
Nigeria bank Real-time transfer:4,000,000 NGN

The amount may change due to irregular adjustments by banks or channels.

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Condition of Fund Withdrawals from Pacific Union

Pacific Union does not charge a handling fee for withdrawals. However, using individual channels to withdraw funds may incur handling fees, which must be borne by the customer. In addition, Pacific Union will advance the bank processing fees incurred for the first wire transfer of funds each month. The bank processing fees of 20 units of account currency will be incurred for the second or subsequent withdrawals in the current month. If the withdrawal is less than 100 units of account currency, the bank will charge 20 units of currency handling fee (JPY&HKD currency is equivalent to US dollars). If it is not the first time to withdraw money by wire transfer in the current month and the withdrawal amount is less than 100 units of account currency, only 20 units of currency bank handling fee will be charged. Please pay attention to the precautions when withdrawing gold.

Pacific Union does not have a maximum withdrawal limit. As long as the amount is within the balance of your account, it is
recommended to withdraw a minimum of 100 US dollars. Because the withdrawal is less than 100 US dollars, the bank will charge a 20 US dollar handling fee, and the fee will be in the amount of the withdrawal Deducted.
The minimum withdrawal amount is US$40. Any amount below US$40 will not be processed. Please pay attention to the disclaimer when withdrawing funds.

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Condition of Leverage on Pacific Union

Pacific Union’s leverage is 500 times by default when opening an account. After successfully opening an account, you can apply for an adjustment of leverage at the account management center. The adjustment range is 100-500 times. The 100-500 times leverage setting is only applicable to foreign exchange and gold products. The leverage of silver is fixed at 100 times; except for crude oil, which is fixed at 200 times and copper (COPPER), which is fixed at 50 times, the leverage of other commodities is fixed at 20 times. Stock index leverage is fixed at 333 times; U.S. stock CFDs products are fixed at 20 times leverage; except for EOSUSD and XLMUSD, which are fixed at 1 times leverage, the others are fixed at 20 times leverage.

After the client successfully logs in to the Account Management Center (Client Portal), click the triangle symbol in the leverage column behind the corresponding trading account on the main page, and select how many times the leverage you need to modify , After reading and agreeing to the terms, click “Change Leverage”, the relevant department will handle it within 1 working day.

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Why does my account is an “Invalid Account?

Pacific Union will archive MT4 accounts that have no login records, transaction history, and account balance less than or equal to 0 for six months or more. After the account is archived, the customer’s MT4/MT5 account will not be able to log in, but the Client Portal can still log in. You can log in to the “Account Management” Click “Additional Account” to apply for a new trading account for trading.

Pacific Union’s account archiving is performed automatically by the system according to the filtering conditions. It is currently not possible to perform special processing for a single account. If you do not want to use your account temporarily, you can send an email to apply for a read-only account.

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