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XM's official Cash Back program for loyal traders.

How to accumulate more XMP points in the XM Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Program with XM

The Loyalty Program offered by XM is a promotion that gives every trader the opportunity to earn bonus credits by accumulating XM points by trading on each traded lot.

Type of promotion Loyalty Program
Bonus amount The more you trade, the more you earn
Available for All XM customers
Account type Any
Loyalty levels Executive, Gold, Diamond, Elite
XMP cap 16 XMP per lot
Bonus redemption mode XMP / 3
Withdrawal Bonus Not available
Costs and fees No additional costs

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What is the XM Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program is a promotion offered by XM which gives each trader the opportunity to earn XM points (XMP) through any purchase and the number of points obtainable through trading varies according to the level of loyalty reached.

There are four loyalty levels inherent to the program and they are Executive, Gold, Diamond and Elite.

  1. Executive Level
    Initial level granting 7XMP per lot.
  2. Gold level
    Level reached after the first 30 days of active trading, 10 XMP per lot.
  3. Diamond level
    It is reached after 60 days of active trading and offers 13 XMP per lot.
  4. Elite level
    Final level over 60 days of active trading that allows you to earn the maximum points available per lot equivalent to 16 XMP.

All traders will be able to access this fantastic promotion for free without any commission or additional cost and it will not be necessary to carry out any activation or filling out forms to use the service, any gain deriving from the promotion will depend on consistency in trading.

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How to Earn XM points?

For each trade of a single complete standard lot, the XM trader will receive a determined number of XM points and the amount of points earned on each trade will depend solely on the level of loyalty achieved, starting from the basic Executive level with 7XMP per standard lot traded up to at 16 XMP per lot with the Elite tier.

Each XM client will start from the initial level (Executive) through which he will earn 7XMP per lot traded, after the 30 days of active trading the next “Gold” level takes over with 10 XM points per lot, after 60 days of active trading the trader will switch to Diamond level with 13XMP per lot and finally with over 60 days of active trading there will be the final Elite level with 16 XMP per lot.

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How can XMP points be used?

XM clients who have accumulated enough XMPs can convert them into bonus credit which can be used for trading, redeeming the bonus can be done at any time by logging into the Members Area at no cost to deal and without any restrictions and it is feasible to redeem them both in whole and in part.

To check and manage the accumulated points in real time, simply access the Members Area where you can, if necessary, view the bonus credit value.

The calculation for converting XMP points into credit bonuses that can be used for trading is Bonus = XMP / 3.

For example, if a trader owns 10000 XMP and chooses to convert 3000 XMP into bonus credit, he will have to access the Members Area and click on “Redeem bonus credit”, the amount of points selected will be automatically converted into 1000USD to be used for trading, leaving unused the remaining 7000XMP for any future investments.

In the following table you will find other examples of converting points into XM bonus credit.

XMP redeemed Trading bonus received Profit earned Deposit amount Balance available for withdrawal Withdrawal amount Total subtracted from trading bonus
3,000 $ 1,000 (3,000 ÷ 3 = $ 1,000) $ 1,500 $ 1,500 $ 750 (% 50 of $ 1,500) $ 500 (% 50 of $ 1,000)
900 $ 300 (900 ÷ 3 = $ 300) $ 200 $ 300 $ 500 $ 225 (% 45 of $ 500) $ 135 (% 45 of $ 300)

We would like to point out that the bonus credit deriving from XMP points cannot be withdrawn but only used for trading.

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Faq about the XM loyalty program

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the XM Loyalty Program.

  • Is the XM Loyalty Program available to everyone?
    Yes, any trader can access the promotion
  • Are there any costs involved in accessing the XM Loyalty Program promotion?
    The promotion does not include any cost or commission.
  • Is it possible to withdraw the Loyalty Program bonus?
    The bonus from the Loyalty Program can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn.
  • How can I accumulate more XMP points?
    With constant trading you will be able to level up and accumulate more points to be able to convert them into bonus credit.

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