XM's No Deposit Bonus. Table of Contents

XM $30 No Deposit Trading Bonus

No deposit bonus of € 25 with XM

As XM is a renowned world-famous broker, it is constantly committed to offering its traders increasingly advantageous services and tools, and a clear example of such attention is the €25 no deposit bonus with which XM literally gives 25 € to all traders who decide to open a first real account so you can see the actual quality of the services offered and start trading with XM without making any initial deposit.

Promotion type No deposit bonus
Bonus amount 25 €
Valid for all new customers
Type of XM account required Any type of account
Requirements Account and voice verification
Withdrawal amount of the Bonus The bonus cannot be withdrawn but only used for trading but any gain generated by trading with the bonus can be withdrawn at any time, nevertheless, any withdrawal will result in the proportional removal of the bonus
Usable platforms MT4 and MT5

Get €25 (or $30) No Deposit Bonus

What is the 25 € No Deposit Bonus with XM?

The 25 € no deposit bonus with XM gives every trader the opportunity to test the actual qualities of a flawless execution to be ascertained by real trading without the investment risk.

Upon requesting the bonus, the sum of € 25 will be credited instantly to the applicant’s trading account and any profit generated by trading from the Bonus can be withdrawn at any time.

But it should be noted that each withdrawal of the profits generated by the bonus will cause a proportional subtraction of the trading bonus and by consulting the following table you can see what has just been mentioned.

Bonus amount Deposit amount Profit obtained Balance available for withdrawal Withdrawal amount Total subtracted from trading bonus
€ 25 € 100 € 100 € 40 (% 40 of € 100) € 12 (% 40 of € 25)
€ 25 € 500 € 100 € 600 € 360 (% 60 of € 600 ) € 18 (% 60 of € 25)

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Who can claim the No Deposit Bonus?

Each trader can access the Bonus simply by opening for the first time a real account with XM and from the opening date of the aforementioned account, the trader will have 30 days to redeem it, but it should be noted that in some countries this promotion may be different.

Any trader who decides to open a real account with XM in order to access the promotion will be able to take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Start trading risk-free with XM
    Taking advantage of the promotion you will not have to make any deposit and start investing without any risk.
  • Absence of any costs or commissions
    By obtaining the Bonus you will not have to cover expenses deriving from costs and commissions.
  • XM trading
    By starting to invest through this promotion you will be able to discover the many advantages of trading with XM
  • Possibility of withdrawing earnings
    All profits from XM’s No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn at any time.

Get €25 (or $30) No Deposit Bonus

How can I receive the No Deposit Bonus with XM?

To be able to get the promotion without deposit of 25 € just follow the simple steps below.

  • Open a real account with XM
    The online registration will be done relatively quickly.
  • The credentials received via email will allow access to the Members Area
    After receiving the credentials from XM on the previously registered email, you will be able to access the Members Area and manage your account.
  • Provide suitable identification documents for account validation
    Being XM a broker regulated and authorized by several supervisory authorities, it will be necessary to undergo a KYC (Know your Customer) procedure and carry out checks on ID (driving license, identity card, passport, etc.) and address (via gas or electricity bills. etc.)
  • Claim the Bonus by clicking on the button
    After having carried out all the required checks, you will be able to access the Bonus.
  • Voice Verification
    The last step in order to have the Bonus concerns the voice verification, after which each customer will have to wait about 24 hours for the validation of the account and the crediting of the requested Bonus.

Open XM’s No Deposit Bonus account

FAQ about no deposit bonus with XM

  • Who can get the € 25 No Deposit Bonus with XM?
    All traders can get it by opening an account with XM for the first time.
  • How many times can the Bonus be claimed?
    Once for each new trader.
  • What are the necessary requirements?
    In order to access the bonus, the necessary documents must be sent by e-mail.
  • Are there commissions and costs to get the Bonus?
    No type of cost will have to be incurred in order to receive the promotion.
  • Is it possible to withdraw the profits?
    Any profit generated by trading with the Bonus can be withdrawn at any time but the promotion will be subject to proportional deduction.

Get €25 (or $30) No Deposit Bonus