How to get Free VPS and EAs (Expert Advisers) for MT4 platform

FBS offers MT4 and MT5 as its trading platform, so in case you are looking to trade with EAs or other algorithm programs, you will need to have them compatible with MQL4 program language.

Although FBS does not offer its own EAs/trading programs to traders, you can find one for yourself on internet or from MetaQuotes directly.

The main website for EAs(expert advisers) would be the official website of MetaQuotes(the developer of the trading platform).

MQL4 or MQL5 have got the largest number of signals and EAs for MetaTrader platform.

Although there are many trading tools, many of them are provided from individual traders and not officially confirmed that it is profitable by any entities. So you will need to find one by assessing them by yourself and install these programs under your responsibility.

FBS also offers ‘FBS CopyTrade’ service which you can copy professionals’ trades to your account directly.

For more information about the FBS CopyTrade, please visit the official website from below.

FBS Official Website

FBS’s Free VPS for Expert Advisers

If you are looking to trade with EAs or Algorithms, VPS(virtual private server) would be one necessary thing for you.

Normally, you can not run EAs in MT4 trading platform, if you close the trading platform or log out from your account.

But by using a VPS, you are able to run your EAs 24/7 without stop.

Fortunately, FBS offers free VPS for its loyal traders.

There are certain requirements to be met to get Free VPS by FBS.

Also the VPS provided from FBS is located in the same server where the broker has the main trading server.

So you are able to have your own VPS in the trading server directly.

One biggest problem of general VPS was the speed of execution though, with FBS you do not worry about it at all. By using the VPS of FBS, you can reduce the execution speed to one millisecond.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact FBS support desk for more details.

Send a message to FBS Support Team

Trading restrictions

You can trade many different ways by using programmed EAs, as FBS does not restrict any trading methods, you are allowed to find the best way possible to make more profit for yourself.

FBS is a complete STP broker, there is no trading method restrictions nor profit cancellations afterwards.

Only thing FBS prohibit is “latency arbitrage” especially on CFD tradings.

FBS Official Website