How to access XM Trading MT5 WebTrader?

XM Trading MT5 WebTrader has all the features you can use without the need for additional downloads, so you can immediately trade online with your demo or trading account.

All trading features of XM Trading MT5 WebTrader are based on compatibility with MetaTrader 5.

Therefore, you can set new orders and settlements, set pre-orders, place direct orders, set / edit profit taking and stop-loss prices, and display charts with a single click.

All you have to do is enter your XM Trading customer login and password, select your trading server and then click the login button.

As soon as you log in and connect to the server of your choice, your account will be accessed and you can start trading.

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Why XM Trading MT5 WebTrader is so good?

Get instant access to the global market with XM Trading MT5 WebTrader, available on both PC and macOS without the need to download additional software.

  • Features of XMTrading MT5 WebTrader
  • Over 55 stocks including stock index, FX, precious metals and energy
  • Can be traded via web browser
  • One-click trading
  • Supports all transaction order types
  • Editable graphic tool

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