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With the help of MQL5 signals, you can profit in the foreign exchange market even if you have no trading experience.

In your trading account, you can directly copy the trader’s orders and carry out copy operations.

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What is Social Trading in Forex?

Social trading is a service that allows investors to follow the trading strategies of professionals known as signal providers and copy their transactions.

The list of signal providers can be found in the special rating.

Traders choose according to various conditions: trading hours, maximum drawdown, best deal, profit factor. The number one signal will be displayed at the top of the list.

Under normal circumstances, the operations of foreign exchange trading veterans can be used to provide guidance for novices.

This will reduce the time required for market research and analysis before conducting foreign exchange transactions.

Social trading is very useful for traders who don’t have time for training or making independent investment decisions.

Social trading operates in accordance with the principles of social networks.

On the trading network, traders share their opinions, publish their strategies and chat records, and junior traders can monitor the professional’s trading results online and discuss market conditions.

Trading veterans can also benefit from social trading.

They will be able to become trading leaders and earn more profits and attract more subscribers.

The trading copy conditions are different.

Generally, to connect to the service, users must pay a certain fee.

In some cases, this will be the commission payable for profitable transactions. Sometimes, traders need to pay a subscription fee within a certain period of time.

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Advantages of Forex social trading

There are many advantages of Forex social trading, such as:

  • A way to take the first step in trading-no matter your trading skills, you can make a profit.
  • A chance to achieve a win-win situation-as a trader, you can make a profit by providing signals, and as an investor, you can copy successful transactions.
  • Save time-you do not need to conduct market analysis and spend a lot of time monitoring market conditions.
  • Simple and easy to use-social trading services are intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Multiple transactions-you can subscribe to multiple signal providers to diversify risks.

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Forex Social trading on MetaTrader 4

MQL5 signal is a product developed by the developers of MetaTrader 4, which allows you to directly track the signals of successful traders on the MetaTrader terminal and copy their transactions directly.

Social trading on the MetaTrader platform is simple and easy to use: you only need to select and subscribe to the required signals, and the related transactions will be automatically copied to your account.

To subscribe, you must register on

After that, go to the “Tools” tab and click “Options” → “Community” and enter the login name and password of your MQL5 account.

Note: To copy the signal, you feel that the terminal must always be on! For this, you can use a VPS server.

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