FXTM Invest Copy Trading

Find your own master among thousands of traders and copy trades.

All you need is $100 to get started.

In the financial markets, there are opportunities to make money from trading. However, to make a profit, you need to have considerable skills and experience and invest a lot of time in the market. It doesn’t matter! We have the perfect solution for these people.

FXTM Invest is a groundbreaking way to make trading profits even for those without chart analysis skills and free time. Simply select an FXTM trader (i.e. Strategy Manager) who is suitable for you and has set your trading strategy to follow and link your trades. Leave the rest to FXTM!

In FXTM Invest Copy Trading, you can freely manage your investment and pay a commission to the strategy manager only when you earn a profit.

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How does FXTM Invest work?

  1. Select a strategy manager
  2. Deposit
  3. Automatically link strategies
  4. Take Profits When Profits
  5. Share Revenue with Strategy Manager

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See who the top yield strategy managers are

Track your strategy manager 24/7 and rank you based on multiple qualities and performance indicators.

Search and sort by return on investment, risk-taking, length of experience, trading style, and more.

As with other trading, past returns do not guarantee future returns, but with FXTM Invest, you can know your potential return and get the information you need to trade with a strategy manager that matches your risk-taking propensity.

Choose the right strategy manager based on the amount you want to invest and the risk you take. If you need help making a decision, check out FXTM’s list of strategy managers, where you can get a detailed breakdown of your investment returns and trading styles by manager. Check out the Strategy Manager news feed for the latest information.

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Forex and Finance Daily Market Analysis by FXTM Makes Forex and Financial Trading More Convenient.

Daily market analysis
Daily Market Analysis is FXTM’s forex news portal that provides traders with extensive market analysis and insights to help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the currency market.
FXTM Trading Signals
FXTM Trading Trading Signals is a technical analysis tool that provides high-quality data and price movement assessments. A technical analysis tool that provides high-quality data and price movement assessments for a variety of financial instruments. Register or log in below to access MyFXTM’s FXTM Trading Signals.
FXTM Pivot Point Strategy
Strengthen your trading strategy and understand market sentiment with the FXTM pivot point strategy. Combining 5 pivot points of your choice with 3 popular indicators, FXTM’s Pivot Points Strategy allows you to strengthen your trading strategy and uncover market sentiment.
Economic calendar
Get key economic news with FXTM’s financial and economic calendar service. Get instant access to key economic indicators, news and alerts as they happen.
Forex Trading News Timeline
Receive Forex market news and trading information with the Forex News Timeline. Get live market news from one of the world’s most trusted sources right on your MetaTrader trading platform and on FXTM’s website.
Exchange rate calculator
Calculate exchange rates for major forex currency pairs using FXTM’s free exchange rate calculator.
Margin Calculator
Pre-measure your trade risk with FXTM’s Margin Calculator (Margin Calculator). Manage your risk appropriately by measuring your risk with ForexTime (FXTM)’s Margin Calculator.
Pip calculator
Predict potential profits and losses before forex trading with FXTM’s Pip Calculator. Predict your potential profit and loss before you start trading currency pairs using FXTM’s free pip value calculator.
Revenue calculator
The FXTM Profit Calculator allows you to measure the profit/loss of a position based on its market price. FXTM’s Profit Calculator is a handy tool that helps you measure the profit/loss of a position based on its market value.

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MT4 Forex Trading Indicators – FXTM Dealers’ Choice

Professional Forex traders know that the combination of Forex Trading Indicators and a good trading strategy can increase the profit and success rate of Forex trading, so FXTM dealers are only introducing you to the essential MT4 Forex Trading Indicators for Forex trading. Check out below:

Order indicator
This simple order indicator lets you check your trades and analyze the behavior of others. Chart your trades showing the start and end of the trade and whether it is profit or loss (in currency & pips).
Pip value calculator
Find the value of 1 pips/point movement on a particular instrument in the base currency of your trading account and adjust your risk-reward level. Use metric formulas when managing your money or creating your own Expert Advisor.
Pivot support/resistance level
View daily, weekly, and monthly pivot points and their corresponding support and resistance levels at a glance. The pivot support/resistance level indicator can be used as a breakout strategy and is great for setting Stop Loss.
Spread indicator
See the current spread value in pips on the chart for the time period you need with this useful yet adjustable spread indicator.
Convert market data to CSV
Automatically saves all historical data and new ticks in your charts to a CSV file. To browse your saved files, open the “MQL4” folder in your MetaTrader 4 directory and click on the “Files” folder.
Daily bar chart information provision indicator
The real-time daily bar chart informative indicator is optimized to display prices to 4 to 5 decimal places. Draw the upper and lower tails, the body, and the size of the entire candle as a single point on the candle.

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