Union Standard International Financial Group hereby reaffirms that USGFX (full name: Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd) that has entered into liquidation supervision and USG Global (full name: Union Standard International Group Ltd), which is currently operating normally, are two financial, administrative, business, A company that is completely independent of the law and procedures. Although owned by the same shareholder group, the two companies are different legal persons and operate independently. However, BRI misled and confuses the public’s understanding of the independence of the two companies because the two companies have almost identical names. USG must hereby strongly condemn BRI’s actions that have caused goodwill and business losses to USG Global.

USG Global was founded in June 2020. As soon as it opened, USGFX was involved in voluntary escrow liquidation by a designated third-party company. Because USGFX is in the state of custodial and clearing, the representative of the Federal International Financial Group has completely lost control of USGFX, including its funds and customer communication. However, USG Global has taken action to establish a withdrawal plan to assist customers who are willing to continue trading with USG Global to withdraw funds normally. This decision broke the industry norm of “Once you enter the liquidation stage, you won’t get a dime back.”

However, BRI abused its administrative power and applied to the First Bank of Puerto Rico for account freeze on the grounds that the registered names of the two companies were highly similar. This action not only caused USG to be unable to deal with the funding problems of USGFX old customers as scheduled but also seriously affected the rights and interests of USG Global customers.

USG Global hopes to take this opportunity to let foreign exchange traders understand the story of this incident and let the public know who is continuously trying to help USGFX customers. As long as USG Global and its group are still in the market, USG will try the best to bear the relevant responsibilities instead of spending huge amounts of money on frame and litigation. In view of the fact that all companies under the group are troubled by the almost identical brand names with USGFX, FedEx International Finance Group has decided to accelerate the process of rebranding, hoping to provide customers with more stable trading services.

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