New Stocks on FXPro’s Platforms

Trade trendy stock CFDs like a Pro!

As you may be aware, FxPro now has a new range of stock CFDs.

With so much hype around these stocks, especially in the first half of the year, there is currently a massive demand for them, hence why FXPro recently decided to introduce them to the CFD product offering.

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the new securities FXPro now offers.

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1. GameStop

GME is a physical video games store chain that has been in a difficult situation in recent years due to competition from the digital distribution of computer games and the economic impact of the pandemic, causing the number of buyers to decrease. As a result, GME’s share price fell, prompting many institutional investors to short the stock.

At the same time, some investors suggested that GameStop shares were undervalued. Then in January 2021, Reddit users initiated a historic short squeeze on GME shares on various stock exchanges and in just two weeks, a coordinated buying by small investors boosted GameStop’s share price from $20 to $500 per share!

The volatility has settled somewhat, with the stock currently trading around $190.

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2. AMC

AMC is an American cinema chain and the largest in the world. However, AMC was forced to close their doors to the public back in March of 2020, when the pandemic hit theatres hard.

There was some doubt that the company would be able to stay in business. However, at the start of 2021, the company raised new funds and were more optimistic about the reopening. The next day, AMC became part of the meme stock mania, causing a 300% surge in stock price due to the short squeeze. What’s next for this entertainment conglomerate?

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3. VirginSPCE

Another super popular company lately is Virgin Galactic, chosen by space lovers and fans of the charismatic founder Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines). After a successful test flight in May, on June 25th, it was announced that they had received FAA approval to fly customers in space, sending the stock soaring 40%.

On July 11th, Branson successfully reached space in his Unity craft, beating Musk and Bezos’s projects in the space tourism race! What’s next for the stock and future of space travel?

Invest in VirginSPCE Stocks with FXPro

4. Nikola

A fairly new player in the stock market, having only gone public just over a year ago, on June 4th 2020, Nikola’s stock price more than doubled in the first few weeks of trading.

Nikola is a direct rival to Elon Musk’s Tesla Corporation, focusing on zero-emissions vehicles and named in honour of the iconic inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla.

Invest in Nikola Stocks with FXPro

Trade Trending Stocks with FXPro

These are just a few of the latest stock CFDs FXPro has now added.

FXPro also offers Uber, Lyft, BeyondMeat, CloverHealth, CleanEnergy, Zoom and Airbnb among hundreds of others!

It should be noted that these kinds of stocks are highly volatile and driven mainly by popularity among retail investors.

Therefore some of the stocks may have a poor operating performance, and we would advise you to research a company’s financial performance prior to trading them.

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