Yadix is an online Forex and CFD broker with MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

The broker offers various bonus promotions, while providing traders with NDD and STP trading environment.

NDD (Non Dealing Execution) with STP (Straight Through Processing) provides traders the unlimited trading environment.

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What you can invest in with Yadix?

BY opening an account with Yadix, you can start investing in Forex, Stock Indices, Precious Metals and Oils on MT4 platforms.

All of the above financial markets are available for trading through one trading account.

There are 4 different account types which you can choose from.

All account types are provided with STP trading environment.

Orders executed via the MT4 platform straight through to the liquidity providers at the lowest possible price.

Yadix MT4 provides the ideal environment to operate automated trading systems and all aggressive Forex strategies.

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Yadix’s Bonus Promotions

One of the greatest advantage of Yadix MT4 is the unlimited trading environment with “no conflict of interest” between traders and the broker.

Which allows traders to perform any kinds of trading strategies and make unlimited amount of profit.

This advantage also comes with several gorgeous bonus promotions as below.

Yadix Welcome Gifts

Yadix’s Welcome Gifts promotion offers all traders “Guaranteed Gifts”.

The list of welcome gifts include high tech devices such as iPhone X, Galaxy S8+, MacBook Pro and PlayStation 4.

The list of welcome gifts are updated to the latest versions/models periodically by Yadix.

By trading the required volume in “Classic” MT4 account, you can claim the gift from Yadix.

Details of Welcome Gifts Promotion

Yadix Instant Cash Back Rebate Program

This is Yadix’s official Cash Back Rebate promotion for all MT4 traders.

By opening “Rebate USD” or “Rebate EUR” account with Yadix, you can get certain rate of rebate from Yadix for every closed trade.

The Cash Back Rebate is credited into your applicable MT4 live account instantly and directly.

Details of Cash Back Rebate Program

Yadix Free London VPS

For traders who use EAs (Expert Advisers) or algorithm trading programs, Yadix offers free VPS (Virtual Private Server) located in London, UK.

The VPS is directly connected to Yadix’s more than 15 liquidity providers, and achieves to execute orders in 2 millisecond, which is the fastest level in the industry.

Requirement to get free VPS shouldn’t be hard for any EA traders.

Details of Free London VPS

Who is Yadix?

Yadix is an online Forex and CFD broker founded in 2010.

Besides the bonus promotions which are available for all traders, Yadix especially focuses on providing high quality execution environment.

MT4 servers are hosted in Equinix LD4, and as execution banks are co-located at Equinix and cross-connected to the FX bridge, latency is reduced and faster order execution is experienced by traders.

Yadix’s MT4 is connected to over 15 liquidity providers such as UBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsch Bank and Barclays Bank.

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Yadix’s Trading Conditions

All account types of Yadix MT4 are provided with STP/ ECN trading environment.

There are mainly 4 trading account types available for Yadix MT4.

Account Types Classic Rebate Scalper Pro
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.0 pip 0.0 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $/€5 per lot per side $/€5 per lot per side $/€3.5 per side per lot
Available Markets Forex, Indices and Commodities Forex and Commodities Forex, Indices and Commodities Forex, Indices and Commodities
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:200
Required Minimum Deposit Amount $100 $100 $500 $10,000

You can open multiple MT4 trading accounts of all account types, manage them all under your client profile.

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