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What is xChief?

xChief offers MetaTrader 4/5 as the base platform, the most popular trading platform for trading.

xChief also draws the attention of institutional clients providing brokerage services to the STP gateway integrated into MetaTrader 4/5 and allowing you to connect liquidity with minimal effort through a regular trading account on the MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

xChief pays special attention to the technical stability of trading servers and software that is provided to the client for conducting transactions.

The technologies developed for liquidity aggregation, as well as their administration system, are based on cluster solutions, which allows maintaining a high level of reliability under non-standard loads (especially in the case of a large number of client orders coming to the trading server at the time of publication of economic news).

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Trading Condition of xChief’s MT4 and MT5 accounts

The line of xChief account types includes “cent” accounts (cent-MT4 DirectFX, cent-MT4 Classic +, cent-MT5 DirectFX and cent-MT5 Classic +), the balance of which exceeds the balance of standard accounts by 100 times.

For example, if a trader replenishes a cent account with 100 USD, then in case of successful completion of the transfer, an amount of 10,000 (i.e. 100 times more) will be credited to the account, since the account currency, in this case, is USD cents.

“Cent” accounts are an indispensable tool both for beginners, whose experience does not yet allow investing tangible capital and for professionals whose purpose is to debug and test trading robots in real market conditions.

Also, this type of account makes it possible to comprehensively test the level of dealing in a company without risking a large deposit.

Only client orders of 1000 units or more are displayed to counterparties. The base currency, which corresponds to 0.01 lot on MT4 DirectFX, MT4.Classic +, MT5 DirectFX and MT5.Classic + accounts.

Thus, for all orders, the size of which is below 1000 units. the base currency, the company acts as a dealer (“second party” to the transaction).

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3 Types of Bonus Promotions by xChief

Here are 3 main types of xChief’s bonus promotions.

Trading Credits
Rebates or Cashback. The progressive scale of remuneration. Are credited automatically. You can immediately withdraw without restrictions. Excellent opportunity for additional income.
Turnover Bonuses
Possibility to receive up to 20,000 USD. Increase the number of funds on the account. Perpetual and Interest-free. You can withdraw profit indefinitely. No hidden conditions, you can opt-out at any time.
Welcome Bonus $500
The bonus is credited to the account automatically upon the first deposit. The maximum bonus amount is $ 500. The bonus can be withdrawn after completing the required turnover. Profit can be withdrawn without restrictions. Trading robots and any trading strategies are allowed, including scalping and arbitrage. The bonus has an unlimited validity period.

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