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Who is XBPrime?

XBPrime was founded in 2019 by a team of professionals in the financial services industry.

XBPrime is one of the few true ECN broker in the world of Forex trading, which provides the best trading conditions for day traders, scalpers, as well as for beginners.

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network.

XBPrime offers its customers the latest trading platforms MT5, instant execution and high liquidity.

XBPrime’s traders are able to get access to prices and global liquidity market makers.

XBPrime’s team has extensive management experience in the Forex, CFD and stock markets worldwide, which allows us to determine the optimal technology and show better liquidity available on the market.

XBPrime’s main purpose is to create a comfortable and transparent trading environment for private and institutional clients, in order to allow traders to focus on their trade.

Created by traders for traders, XBPrime intended to provide lower spreads, high-quality performance and service.

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XBPrime’s Financial Regulation and License

XBPrime is regulated and licensed by Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.

XBPrime recognizes the importance of compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and standards.

XBPrime is committed to the strict discipline of management and control of a first-class environment.

With XBPrime, all traders’ funds are held in separate bank accounts with high reliability.

Managing clients’ money in accordance with international rules turnover of customer funds, and their storage is separate from the company XBPrime.

Client money is not used for any purpose other than as a commercial activity of the clients themselves.

XBPrime is an appropriate control and management of the transmission of confidential customer information inside and outside the company on a need-to-know.

XBPrime does not intend to disclose customer information without their knowledge or, unless required by law.

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XBPrime is an STP and ECN Forex Broker

XBPrime’s ECN trading model provides clients with transparent execution and very competitive multi-bank bid and ask spreads, where you can get spreads as low as 0.0 pips on all majors.

XBPrime’s ECN and STP Forex model guarantees that all market participants are equal with respect to instant access to prices provided by leading FX banks.

All clients have equal possibilities to enter bids and offers at, inside or outside the current spread.

XBPrime’s ECN model eliminates conflicts of interest inherent in some other dealing desk platforms.

XBPrime does not have dealing desk, and XBPrime fills client’s orders from the best bid and ask prices available to XBPrime from Bank liquidity providers.

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Safety of Funds with XBPrime

All client’s funds deposited with XBPrime are fully segregated from the company’s funds and are kept in separate bank accounts.

This ensures that those funds belonging to clients cannot be used for any other purpose.

XBPrime maintains sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in the company’s currency positions and outstanding expenses.

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Safety of Account and Trading Information

XBPrime also uses rigorous firewalls and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect information during transmission.

All deposited funds are safely kept on a separated bank account with the purpose of ensuring the protection of a client money.

In the case of an accidental deposit greater than you intended, you can contact XBPrime’s Customer Support Team and your funds will be transfered back to you, under the condition that no trades have been made after your accidental deposit.

NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all accounts

XBPrime uses an automated transaction monitoring and risk-management system to ensure that a client’s balance will never fall below the level of their initial deposits, protecting them from any losses beyond their original investment at Elit4x UK’s cost.

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Required Documents for XBPrime account validation

Please login to XBPrime’s member’s section from XBPrime Official Website or directly email your documents to validate your personal details along with:

  1. A copy of a valid passport or other official state ID
    For example, driver’s license, identity card, passport and etc. The ID must be valid and contain the client’s full name, an issue or expiry date, the client’s place and date of birth or tax identification number, and the client’s signature, as well as a recent photo.
  2. A recent utility bill
    For example, electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV connections or Bank statement dated within the last 3 months, confirming your registered address.
  3. A copy of the back and front of each card
    The card you are using to make deposits in your account(s) with XBPrime (it must be clearly shown).
You must blank out the first 12 digits of your card number on the front of your card, as well the 3 digits security code on the back of the card, in order to protect your personal information.

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What you can invest on XBPrime MT5?

With XBPrime, you can invest in over 12,000 financial markets through one trading account on MT5 trading platforms.

The financial products on XBPrime MT5 are offered in a form of CFDs.

A contract for differences (CFD) is one of the most exciting new products to come into the market in recent years, particularly for individual investors.

Trading CFD provides many important advantages over traditional share dealing:

  • Cost effective as there are no stamp duties to pay to traders.
  • Long or short trading.
  • Low margin requirements (Increased leverage.)
  • Real time margin, profit, loss.
  • Low commissions and financing costs.
  • Instant execution at market prices.
  • No time limits for closing positions.
  • Limit risk with guaranteed stop-losses.
  • Hedge your portfolio.

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1. Forex currency pairs

Without any doubts, Forex currency pairs is the most popular market among online investors.

XBPrime MT5’s low spreads improve net trading results, especially for active traders.

XBPrime MT5 uses its economies of scale and efficient dealing practices to offer the lowest spreads in retail Forex.

Invest in Forex with XBPrime

2. Precious Metals

XBPrime MT5 offers a convenient and efficient means to trade precious metals.

Margin requirements are approximately 1% (100:1 leverage) and all trading is done with zero commissions.

Metals products are available for trading from the XBPrime MT5 platforms, and are included in your account statements along with all currency positions.

Invest in Gold on XBPrime MT5

3. Agricultural Commodities

On XBPrime MT5, you can invest in agricultural commodities such as Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans and more.

Along with other hundreds of markets, you have direct access to commodity markets with floating spread on XBPrime MT5.

The maximum leverage is 1:100 for commodity trading.

Invest in Commodity with XBPrime

4. Energy (Crude Oils and Gas)

Crude Oil trading has become one of the most popular and potentially profitable markets in the world.

XBPrime MT5 offers a convenient and efficient means to Crude Oil with commission free.

Margin requirements are approximately 1% (100:1 leverage), and trades are placed simply by clicking on the streaming price feed.

Crude Oil is available for trading from the Trade Land software, and are included in your account statements along with all currency positions.

Invest in Energy CFDs with XBPrime

5. Stock Indices Futures

A Future contract is an agreement to purchase or sell a commodity for delivery in the future, made under terms and conditions by a federally regulated futures exchange market.

The future contracts offered by XBPrime include currencies futures, financial indices, stock futures (NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P 500), commodities futures (Coffee), and energy futures (Gasoline, Crude Oil & Natural Gas).

XBPrime clients are assured of 24-hour-a-day execution services on all principal international exchanges, with access to those exchanges from a network of strategically positioned execution desks.

Traders have access to immediate execution, as well as market information via an electronic order routing system, along with substantial floor presence.

Invest in Futures with XBPrime


XBPrime offers its clients a wide range of US stocks for CFD trading such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Citigroup, EBay, Ford Motors, GE, GM, Microsoft, Nokia, Yahoo, and much more.

On XBPrime MT5, you can partake in Corporate actions and receive dividends just as you would for shares trading.

Invest in Shares with XBPrime

Trading Conditions and Tools on XBPrime MT5

XBPrime provides the online investment service through MT5 trading platforms.

Please refer to the below table for the main trading conditions of XBPrime.

Available Market Forex, Metals, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Energies
Trading Platform MT5 (MetaTrader5)
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Minimum Spread Floating from 0.0 pips
Financial License FSCA in South Africa
Fund Safety Segregated Bank Account

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Ultra Fast ECN Execution on XBPrime MT5

XBPrime provides to its clients extremely fast execution.

Trading in the forex market or the commodities market including CFD’s, currencies and commodities as well as stocks requires the best executions and latency speed.

XBPrime’s executions are classified as DMA and ECN executions which means that the required time is reduced and are not interfered by the broker hence resulting in the highest speed and quality of executions.

When trading with XBPrime, you will most likely find yourself to have positive slippages on your trading as a result of up-streams of the raw frequency of quote changes provided by XBPrime’s Liquidity Providers and technological suppliers.

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Leverage up on 1:500 XBPrime MT5

The leverage is a loan that is provided to an investor by the broker.

On XBPrime MT5, the ratio can be from 1:1 to 1:500.

If you deposit 10,000$ in your trading account and you want to trade with a leverage of 1:500, the mathematics is:

500 * 10.000 = 5.000.000$

The leverage provides the means for an investor to have an increased trading capital, giving the opportunity of a maximized outcome.

By default, each of the account types XBPrime offers come with a specific leverage.

XBPrime MT5 accounts extend a range of offerings that can match the needs of beginner and more experienced traders in terms of both account types and minimum deposit.

All of XBPrime MT5 account holders are granted the access to all trading platforms and are entitled to the same level of service and offerings regardless of capital.

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XBSocial – MAM and PAMM Copy Trading Platform

The meaning of a MAM is Multi-Account-Management which provides traders with multiple accounts the ability to manage all of the accounts connected to the MAM to trade simultaneously.

XBPrime has the technology to facilitate this trading on the MT5.

The XBSocial’s MAM/PAMM system has the highest degree of safety and traders can feel safe about the security of their accounts and trades.

All trades on the XBSocial MAM or PAMM are executed on a master account which has all of the account connected under giving you the sum of the total invested capital and is distributed proportionately among theses connected accounts.

The XBSocialMAM/PAMM enables traders or money managers to implement an EA (Expert Advisor) on the master account as well.

The benefit of the clients of the XBSocialMAM/PAMM is that it enables professional traders to trade on behalf of the clients.

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XBPrime Islamic Swap Free Account

XBPrime is committed to providing its clients with the best trading conditions it can.

Trading on the online currency is allow such as there cannot be any delays in completing the trade transactions.

This mean that an Islamic account will not have any rolling commissions.

This is also known as a SWAP Free or Fatwa Account.

As by the saying of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – Gold for Gold and Silver for Silver should not be exchanged except for the exact same amount by the same amount.

It was also said that none of the two should be sold except in the case where it is available and present, where it is provided hand to hand.

When Banks are providing exchange statements to their customers, this will be considered as receiving the amount.

Furthermore to this condition of exchanging via hand to hand, the other pre-condition is for the currency to be of the same kind, for example, Dollar vs Dollar or Euro vs Euro.

On the other hand, when the currencies are different from each other, only then where the condition of being exchanged Hand to hand applies which evidently corresponds to an allows and permissible transaction.

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Please note that for normal trading accounts, when carrying over a position from Wednesday to Thursday, a triple swap is accrued. It happens due to the fact that the Forex market is a spot market. It means calculations of all the transactions are made on the second working day after a trading operation was done. That is why from Wednesday to Thursday (after 00:00 server time), swap is accrued for the past weekend and for Wednesday.

XBPrime MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platform

XBPrime offers its clients diversified sophisticated and state-of-the-art trading platforms MT5.

XBPrime MetaTrader5 trading platforms is build with the latest technology to ensure XBPrime’s traders receive and enjoy the highest possible level of service.

As XBPrime’s trader, you can choose from the various types of Forex Trading Account, that best fits your needs and particular trading style.

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Merits of XBPrime MT5 trading platform

XBPrime MT5, the platform intended for trading various financial markets, combines two main features which are innovative approach and ease of use.

Among the advantages of XBPrime MT5 trading platform are:

  1. Safety
    XBPrime MT5 guarantees you absolute safety of all trade operations. XBPrime MT5 is a stable and reliable tool for trading Forex and CFDs. When using the platform you can be sure that your funds and personal information are safe.
  2. User-friendliness
    XBPrime MT5 platform has user-friendly interface and functionality. It is equally suitable for beginners and for those users, who have much experience in trading. The number of actions to be performed to start trading is minimized. It helps traders to learn features and advantages of the platform in a very short time and successfully trade during short-term periods.
  3. Invest in all financial assets
    XBPrime MT5 platform includes all instruments available for trading: currency pairs, commodities, indexes and shares. Different types of options provides trading different types assets with different amounts. All this information is already integrated into the platform, that’s why when working with the platform you don’t have to switch between the windows, which in its turn, increases the efficiency and results of your trading process.
  4. XBPrime MT5 Mobile App and Web-Trader
    Trading through XBPrime MT5 platform is always in online mode. You don’t have to download any additional software to your computer and can trade from wherever you are in the world. For those traders, who travel a lot and spend much time of the road, XBPrime has developed a mobile version of the platform.

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Trade anywhere and anytime on XBPrime MT5

XBPrime combines the unique functions of the MT5 with a fully synchronized Web-trader and Mobile Platform Application which will make sure that the markets are accessible at any remote location and from any type of personal computer.

XBPrime’s unique offering allows both PC and Mac users to reach out to the forex market through Forexbrokerinc.

All XBPrime’s Forex trading platforms are 100% synchronized meaning that orders opened by any of the 3 platforms can also be closed, adjusted or modified by any of the 3 platforms regardless if they were opened by a different platform from the one used to open the order.

XBPrime MT5 platforms offered at XBPrime are available to both real and demo account holders which can use one login and one password to use all trading facilities including all trading platforms and the members area where all trading activities can be performed.

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Main Features of XBPrime MT5
  • Immediate execution of transactions. Market Execution, the ability to open and close the deal in a matter of seconds.
  • Ability to write and a huge library of already written scripts, indicators, advisers on the internal programming language MQL5 management transactions and view open positions directly from charts.
  • Developed tools for technical analysis: a large number of built-in indicators and line studies, support for various time periods and support for all chart types.
  • Most complete set of features for automated trading such as Advisors (Expert Advisors) so you can optimize your strategy for the implementation of active trading without having to spend a lot of time on the computer.
  • Possibility of locking positions.
  • Trailing Stop. Client Terminal function to automatically move the Stop Loss order for a user defined number of points, if the change is occurring in a favorable direction and greater, compared to the previous level of Stop Loss.
  • Possibility of independent control multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Ability to work through mobile devices.

You can download XBPrime Metatrader5 platform for free from XBPrime Official Website

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XBPrime MT5 Demo account for practice

XBPrime’s demo account is the opportunity to trade without any risks and investments.

XBPrime provides traders who have very little knowledge of Forex and CFD trading and who want to understand better the strategies of MT5 trading as well as to receive the indispensable experience with the unique opportunity to open a free demo account.

Demo account is a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced traders:

  1. Like any other form of trading, Forex and CFD trading involves a risk of losing your investments. Demo account gives traders an excellent opportunity to learn trading with demo money without risking any real money.
  2. Having opened a free demo account, traders can try various trading strategies, and, thus, develop their own ones before they plunge into the real online FX trading.
  3. With XBPrime’s demo trading, you will learn how to make more accurate forecasts of price changes, use analytical data to determine changes on the currency market, and therefore, receive profit and accumulate capital during the process of trading.
  4. XBPrime’s MT5 Demo account trading is similar to the real account trading, all information referring to the market changes for a certain option updates in the real time. This opportunity will greatly facilitate the switch from the demo account to the real trading account.
It should be noted that choosing the initial deposit it is better to choose the amount as close to real amount you are ready to invest into trading as possible. It will considerably help you to calculate possible risks and minimize the losses when you start using the real trading account.

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How to make a deposit to XBPrime MT5 accounts?

XBPrime provides its traders with various fund deposit and withdrawal methods.

You can transfer funds via bank wire transfer, credit and debit card, and also by using online wallets.

Login to XBPrime’s client portal and find the list of available fund deposit methods, and choose ones which you prefer.

1. Bank Wire Transfer Deposit – XBPrime MT5

XBPrime accepts deposits in trading accounts via Wire Transfer providing that sender details and account holder details match.

Please note that XBPrime cannot accept Wire Transfers from third party accounts.

All the International Wire Transfers must contain accurate and comprehensive details of the sender and beneficiary parties.

Bear in mind that any incomplete or incorrect information may lead to delays until its collection and to transfers being misdirected. Be aware that all incoming wires with any mismatched information between the beneficiary name and account holder will be returned back to the ordering bank.

To access the Wire Transfer details, you are obliged to maintain a live account as Wire Transfer details are available in the members’ area.

Wire Transfer takes from 3 to 5 days to be processed and an email is sent to the sender (account holder) upon acceptance of funds.

Make a deposit to XBPrime MT5

2. Credit or Debit Card Deposit – XBPrime MT5

XBPrime accepts deposits in trading accounts through credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Visa Electron).

XBPrime MT5 Trading account holders must be logged in to be able to deposit.

Be informed that deposits via credit card can only be accepted from users whose card and trading account names are maintained in the same name.

Credit Card Deposits are instant.

Please note that your account will be activated once it has been validated (KYC).

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Fund Withdrawals from XBPrime MT5 accounts

Clients are XBPrime’s best asset, and XBPrime understands that the reputation is the most important.

This is why, XBPrime as a broker have implemented a withdrawal policy for customer satisfaction.

The average broker can take between 7-14 days to execute a withdrawal.

XBPrime will execute the withdrawal within 12-24 hours.

XBPrime’s legal and accounting department have been fully and professionally trained to deliver swift actions and can handle numerous accounting and tasks regarding all of the company’s accounting requirement.

The reason why XBPrime handles your funds with the highest safety is due to the fact that your money is never placed with other client’s funds.

This is called segregated accounts and is most likely found in DMA and ECN brokers.

With XBPrime, you will be satisfied with your trading conditions and realize that withdrawals are a big part of a broker’s reputation.

Find out XBPrime’s Withdrawal Methods

Why invest in Forex and CFDs with XBPrime?

The reason why the FX trading has driven all to it is due to the fact that the FX market is highly volatile.

The reason for this is due to the fact that there are many traders seeking to make that quick buck.

There is not exact statistical data of how many traders there are around the globe, but it can certainly be determined by how much money is traded daily.

This daily traded figure currently stands at around 3 Trillion USD.

The opportunities in this industry, if well planned, can represent lucrative rewards.

XBPrime’s service include the teaching and mentoring of these markets to an extent that you will be able to know and understand both the trading platforms, market analysis reading and candle chart reading as well.

There are many trading methods that you might have heard from either friends or while browsing the internet and XBPrime wants to hear your thoughts.

Ask your account representative of trading methods, programs or any other questions that you might have related to trading.

XBPrime’s client service is available 24/5 and are waiting to hear from you.

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The main condition to successful trading is choosing the right broker company in which you open your trading account.

And of course, XBPrime would like to draw your attention to their advantage, which will allow you to achieve success faster and with more comfort.

1. The agent model – NDD (Non Deadling Desk)

XBPrime works under the agency model without the dealer, which is a unique advantage over other brokers MT4.

Your orders are processed in the general flow through XBPrime’s pool of liquidity providers that are competing for your every transaction.

You are guaranteed to get the best available on the market price Bid and Ask, without the dealer, no-slip and no re-quotes.

Open XBPrime NDD Account

2. Trade with STP and ECN MT5

When it comes to trading, the choice of platform is a key aspect of success, so XBPrime offers MetaTrader5 (MT5) the most popular platform in the world with a fast direct access to the market.

3. Highly skilled multilingual customer support

Helping clients to solve their problems. This is the main principle of XBPrime.

XBPrime’s experts will provide technical support to customers every day around the clock.

Even if you are working on a demo account, you can rely on competent advice and get answers to all your questions, what would you as quickly as possible to reach the level of trade in live trading account.

The basic rule of customer service, XBPrime believes courtesy and promptness in dealing with each client.

Contact XBPrime Support Team

4. Micro Lot Trading for training and trade

Micro Lot Trading is a great way to learn to trade with real money with minimal risk.

If you have outgrown a demo account, but not sure whether to open a real, then this bill will help you to try your hand with minimal capital investment.

5. The deposit from 50 USD

XBPrime does not impose any restrictions on the size of the deposit as XBPrime strives to make your experience with them is extremely easy and simple.

XBPrime provides the opportunity to work in the foreign exchange market regardless of what your working capital.

You simply choose the most comfortable working conditions for the size of your deposit and start trading on the market Forex.

The minimum amount is only 50 USD.

You have the same comfort can work with a deposit as a $50 and a $10,000 , which not only start with any amount, but gradually move to higher investment by increasing their investment in trade and consequently, profits.

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Forex and CFDs Trading Hours on XBPrime MT5

The XBPrime opens trading times for Foreign Exchange products trading via the MetaTrader% Platform are between Sunday 9:59 P.M. GMT+2 and Friday 9:59 PM GMT+2.

Right before the market open, the product rates will refresh to adjust to the current market conditions and prices in order to prepare the live market feed for the opening of the trading week.

During that period before the opening of the market, the trading is still closed and trades are not executable,modifiable or cannot be canceled.

After the the opening of the market, all trading conditions are available.

It is crucial for traders to consider that during the first few hours of market opening, the market including spreads and executions including the filling of orders tend to be very limited and can trades open during the early market opening hours can bear different prices than what traders expect because of lack of liquidity.

This factor will change when major markets such as the Japanese Session and UK session open.

Please be aware that all trades and open positions that were held over the weekend can be subject to the above mentioned factors because of theses prior market conditions and early market liquidity.

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How orders are executed on XBPrime?

Using Market Execution, XBPrime fills all Forex orders directly to leading Forex execution venues for fair and transparent trading.

1. Fast Order Execution at anytime

To ensure client satisfaction XBPrime is focused on providing clients with leading Forex technologies and inter-bank trading that deliver ultra-fast execution of market orders.

Traders can expect an average execution speed of around milliseconds.

2. Order Filling at fair price

All orders are transmitted using Market Execution and are filled at liquidity venues such as major banks to ensure complete transparency.

To provide unrestricted trading, XBPrime has the ability to provide no minimum and no maximum order limits.

3. Stop Loss, Pending Orders and Limit Orders

Trading at XBPrime means you can trade with zero limits on stop loss, pending orders and limit orders.

This is advantageous for clients trading using an Expert Adviser or using a Forex Scalping strategies.

4. Expert Advisors and Scalping

Each account has been designed and is in place to ensure that any trading style is welcomed at XBPrime and the traders can take advantage of fair and transparent Forex trading.

XBPrime has a specific focus in providing suitable trading conditions for Scalpers and Expert Advisor trading.

5. Holidays, Weekends and Rollovers

During holidays, weekends and rollover times, liquidity in the markets can become thinner leading to abnormal market conditions, pricing at these times may become less favourable.

This is because there are fewer counterparties in the market willing to trade at the current market prices.

Gaps during weekends and holidays are normal and trades will be executed at the new price once the market reopens.

While XBPrime provides the MT5 with transparency, we highly recommend that all clients are familiar with how these market conditions can affect trading.

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Are my funds safe with XBPrime?

One of the many regulatory conditions is the provision of Segregated Accounts.

All funds deposited with XBPrime by the clients remain in segregated accounts and totally separate from any accounts XBPrime maintains.

Your peace of mind comes from knowing your Forex account funds are safe and you can concentrate on your trading.

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