Tradeview Forex Table of Contents

What is Tradeview?

Tradeview Financial Markets was established in 2004.

Its aspiration is to provide unparalleled online trading services for trading enthusiasts around the world.

Tradeview is not only traders but also has a team of well-trained industry experts to provide customers with the latest and flexible trading system.

24 hours of personalized service

and support to ensure that your needs are met quickly and accurately.

Responsibility and credibility are the keys to ensuring that Tradeview Markets becomes the industry leader.

Tradeview attaches importance to the regulations and systems of industry supervision and strives to ensure the investment and return of customers.

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Why traders choose Tradeview?

Tradeview is in a stage of continuous growth.

Tradeview customers benefit from ultra-low spreads and commissions, and flexible trading leverage.

Tradeview is committed to providing customers with all transaction support.

Here are some reasons why you choose Tradeview.

  • Segregated accounts opened in top world banks to protect the safety of customers’ funds;
  • MT4, MT5, cTrader and Currenex trading platform;
  • Mobile transaction;
  • Provide free MAT trading software and fund managers;
  • The best market spread is as low as 0 pips;
  • Flexible leverage ratio up to 1:400;
  • The 25 most liquid currency pairs in the world;
  • Precious metals, including gold and silver;
  • Index CFDs in the U.S. and Europe;
  • Dedicated 24/7 account manager for all accounts above $2,500;
  • Super Mini Account;
  • Unparalleled market order speed, no need to re-quote;
  • Different commission types, adjustable spreads;
  • Free deposit and withdrawal;
  • Different deposit channels, credit/debit card, bank wire transfer, virtual goods comparison and many other ways to deposit funds into your account.

Tradeview is the best partner you choose carefully.

Tradeview attaches great importance to the customer’s trading experience, and Tradeview is evaluating how they can provide customers with value-added services and provide a better trading environment every day.

Tradeview is passionate about the transaction itself and creating the ultimate customer experience.

The highest standard of service Tradeview is proud of is achieved through the establishment of an efficient organizational structure and strategic framework.

Tradeview’s team is known for its aggressive, friendly management and staff, and strives to open up the market with its outstanding ability.

Tradeview provides strong support to all customers and partners with their unique market knowledge and business background.

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