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What is TopFX?

For more than ten years, TopFX has been providing reliable liquidity solutions for foreign exchange brokers, proprietary trading companies and other investment companies.

Today, TopFX will expand the scope of TopFX’s services to target customers of all sizes, committed to providing professional-level trading conditions, and creating an excellent trading ecosystem.

TopFX runs various bonus promotions occasionally.

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Why traders choose TopFX?

TopFX’s trading infrastructure ensures the best performance

Ultra-reliable server
TopFX has established a partnership with Equinix, the world’s largest electronic trading ecosystem, to ensure the best execution quality and lowest latency. Through the LD5 data center, you can obtain price information steadily and uninterruptedly, without downtime, gaps, or peaks.
Proprietary technology
To ensure fast and smooth transactions, TopFX has developed a proprietary cash register system that integrates multiple payment service providers, allowing TopFX to choose the provider with the highest pass rate. In addition, TopFX’s proprietary CRM structure is well-designed, designed to meet your various needs, and can provide fully automated services and detailed reports on all devices and operating systems.
Robust trading platform
TopFX wholeheartedly provides you with a variety of trading methods or trading platforms. Before you start trading, you must first choose a platform. You can choose the world’s most popular platform MT4, or choose the smooth and reliable cTrader-internal processing time is only 3 milliseconds, 100% normal operation in the past 7 years.

Since 2010, TopFX has been providing retail brokers with the industry’s premier liquidity solutions.

Until today, both large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized customers can easily enjoy TopFX’s services and make use of first-class trading conditions to invest.

Join the CFD industry and celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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TopFX’s Tier 1 Institutional Liquidity

TopFX provides you with Tier 1 liquidity and institutional-level execution.

Multi-asset liquidity
TopFX integrates the liquidity of a number of first-tier institutions to provide you with industry-leading spreads and reliable execution in foreign exchange, index, metal, energy and other CFD transactions.
Intelligent routing technology
TopFX manages orders through smart order routing. Smart order routing is an automated process that allows TopFX to visit multiple trading venues at the same time to search for the best price when placing an order for you. After finding the best price, the system will try to execute the order electronically.
No Deadling Desk Environment
All customer orders will be automatically executed at the best price without manual intervention. TopFX’s execution model has always followed TopFX’s mission-to provide traders with a fair trading environment and protect them from artificial slippage, requotes or other price manipulation behaviors.

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