What is ThreeTrader?

ThreeTrader is a Vanuatu foreign exchange trading (FOREX) brokerage company based in Vanuatu.

ThreeTrader conducts business in Vanuatu to allow customers to obtain higher leverage and to protect regulatory and financial stability.

Because Vanuatu’s financial sector is highly regulated and has a long track record, Vanuatu is highly valued by professional traders and investors all over the world.

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How to open ThreeTrader Forex account?

Experience ThreeTrader’s Original Zero Point Difference, Ultra-Low Commission And Institutional-Level Overnight Interest.

ThreeTrader’s Team Is Verifying The New Account 24 X 5, Allowing You To Start Trading Immediately.

The Real-Time Application Process Only Takes About 5 Minutes.

  1. Application Form
    Fill in your personal information and submit the application form to start the process.
  2. Upload ID
    Upload the required ID for verification. It only takes a minute.
  3. Deposit And Start Trading
    Use safe funding methods to immediately add funds to the trading account and start trading.

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Why trade with ThreeTrader?

ThreeTrader’s goal is to allow traders to enter the global foreign exchange market faster and easier.

Original spread + low handling fee
The original zero-spread account is derived from the bank’s original price, and the ultra-low handling fee can reduce the transaction cost of all your products.
Vanuatu Regulation
ThreeTader is supervised by Vanuatu. The supervision number of ThreeTader in Vanuatu is: VFSC 40430.
Up to 500:1 trading lever
ThreeTrader provides customers with the most competitive trading leverage of all account types, up to 500:1.
Open an account on the same day
Applying for a real-time account online can be automatically approved within 5 minutes (but you must upload a valid file that meets the conditions). When you provide funds to your account, you can trade on the same day.
12/5 Real-time online customer service & customer email support
ThreeTrader provides online customer service for 12 hours a day, five days a week.
No deposit or withdrawal fees
In order to let you have a pleasant trading experience, ThreeTrader does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

Trade more than 90 kinds of international currency exchanges, indices, metals and CFDs for CFDs to obtain original spreads and enjoy ultra-low transaction fees.

Get the original spread quotation & enjoy ultra-low transaction fees.

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FAQs about ThreeTrader’s service

What is the difference between an original zero spread account and a pure spread account?
ThreeTrader provides two types of MT4 trading accounts, namely the original spread and pure spread accounts. Original Spread Account: Shows the original spread received from the bank. ThreeTrader charges the lowest handling fee in the industry, 4 USD per lot (or equivalent). Pure spread account: No handling fee is required, and transaction costs are reflected in spreads.
What type of leverage does ThreeTrader provide?
ThreeTrader provides a maximum leverage of 500:1 for foreign exchange and precious metals, and the leverage of other products will be different. For details, please check ThreeTrader’s product schedule page.
Can I have multiple trading accounts on ThreeTrader?
Yes, ThreeTrader can allow customers to have multiple trading accounts to trade different strategies at a time; they can apply for opening new trading accounts through the customer’s CRM background.
Is the demo account the same as the real trading account?
The demo account provides the same products, spreads and leverage. However, since the demo account is not connected to the real trading environment, there is no guarantee that the execution price of the demo account and the real account will be exactly the same.
What is margin call and liquidation level?
Margin calls start with an 80% advance payment ratio, and liquidation starts with a 20% advance payment ratio.
Does ThreeTrader provide negative balance protection?
Yes, after your trading account becomes negative, ThreeTrader will zero the negative value of your account.
Does ThreeTrader provide MAM/PAMMS?
ThreeTrader provides MAM (Multi Account Manager) and PAMM (Percent Distribution Management Module).
How long can the demo account be used?
The demo account will automatically expire after 30 days. If you have applied for a real fund account, you can apply for an indefinite demo account, then you can keep all the demo transaction history records from the first day.
What is the minimum deposit amount for a real account?
The minimum initial deposit for a pure spread account is 100 USD or equivalent currency, and the initial deposit for an original zero spread account is 1,000 USD or equivalent currency. There is no minimum requirement for subsequent deposits.
How long does it take for my deposit to appear in the MT4 trading account?
Varies according to the deposit method. For example, credit card deposits are displayed almost immediately, and bank transfers may take a few days. For other deposit time ranges, please refer to the deposit page for details.
How long does it take to receive my withdrawal?
Once ThreeTrader receives your withdrawal request, ThreeTrader will process it on the same day, but the speed of withdrawal will vary depending on the withdrawal method. Some are delivered on the same day, and some may take up to 3-5 working days.
How much is the transaction fee for using ThreeTrader?
No handling fee is charged for pure spread accounts, and ThreeTrader is 0.5 pips higher than the bank’s original spread. ThreeTrader’s original zero account shows the bank’s original spread, and a handling fee of $4 per lot is charged.

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