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What is OANDA?

OANDA is an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm established in 1996.

By opening an account with OANDA, you can

OANDA is deeply trusted by global investors.

OANDA provides a fair, open trading environment and makes important information transparent.

There are offices in 9 major financial centers around the world, with customers in 196 countries, providing customer service in 9 languages, and becoming a member of 6 major regulatory agencies.

OANDA has received various awards and honors in the industry.

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OANDA MT4 – Fast and Stable Transaction Execution

Low spreads are only part of the impact of transaction costs, the speed of order execution, stability, and many other factors determine your transaction costs.

OANDA’s exclusive trading system is fully automated, which means that your order transaction will not be affected by the dealer, and there is no calculation software that will make the user’s transaction unfavorable.

A fully automated trading platform means that there is no dealer intervention or calculation software that affects trading orders.

Any price decline is the result of natural fluctuations in market prices, not an asymmetric price decline.

When your order arrives in OANDA’s trading system, the order will be filled at the market price without final inspection.

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OANDA’s Fairness – Completely Transparent Quotation

The more open and transparent the trading platform you choose, the more information you can learn, and the stronger your capabilities will be.

In order to maintain the core principle of “fairness and openness”, OANDA adheres to the automation of the trading system.

Stable Quotation System
Market volatility and market liquidities are the two main factors that affect CFD and foreign exchange spreads. The pricing engine OANDA provides can keep spread fluctuations within an acceptable range.
Always respond to market fluctuations
During periods of price fluctuations, they usually face higher market risks, such as the impact of economic and political news. When the market spread increases or decreases, OANDA’s quotation system will increase or decrease the spread correspondingly.
Deep liquidity
The trading volume and liquidity of the global currency market are changing all the time, which is affected by news events, market fluctuations, post-market rollovers, and openings. When liquidity is low, OANDA’s cooperative banks and financial institutions may take actions to reduce their own risks, such as restricting the size of the transaction, refusing to offer or providing a “symbolic quotation” that cannot be concluded. As a well-known dealer, even when OANDA is unable to complete the pricing, OANDA will provide you with liquidity.

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6 Regulations and Licenses of OANDA

OANDA holds the licenses of the regulatory agencies of the world’s six major financial powers, which is a guarantee for the safety of global customer funds.

Supervision OANDA company name
UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) OANDA Europe Limited
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) OANDA Corporation
Investment Industry Regulatory Agency of Canada (IIROC) OANDA (Canada) Corporation ULC
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) OANDA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) OANDA Australia Pty Ltd
Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) OANDA Japan Co., Ltd.

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OANDA with over 25 years of excellence

Since OANDA’s establishment in 1996, OANDA has adhered to high standards all the way, and they are still constantly challenging themselves to achieve a more perfect state.

OANDA is a technology-based financial services company.

OANDA invests in cutting-edge technology solutions, and everything is customer-centric.

Partners with core values ​​of sincerity, excellence, and continuous self-improvement have organized an excellent team dedicated to creating value for customers.

OANDA was co-founded in 1996 by computer scientist Dr. Michael Stumm and economist Dr. Richard Olsen.

“The Internet and technology will open up the market (including data and transactions). We stick to this idea. As early as 1996, we were the first company to use the Internet to provide comprehensive currency exchange information, and we succeeded in 2001. Develop the foreign exchange market through the Internet.”

In the past 25 years, OANDA has grown from a technology startup company to a global leader.

OANDA has established offices in 9 major financial centers around the world, with customers in 196 countries, providing customer service in 9 languages, and becoming 6 companies.

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