MiltonPrime Table of Contents

What is MiltonPrime?

MiltonPrime is an online Forex and CFD broker registered in Seychelles.

The broker was founded in 2021 and offers an online trading service through MT4 and MT5 platforms.

By opening an account with MiltonPrime, you can trade Forex, Stocks, Indices CFD, and CFDs on Cryptocurrencies.

The leverage is up to 1:500. (The applicable leverage may vary depending on the market you trade)

With MiltonPrime, you can choose from Trading or Investor accounts.

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MiltonPrime offers Trader and Investor Accounts

After registering with MiltonPrime, you need to choose from “Trader” or “Investor” account.

A Trader account is for manual traders. You can trade by yourself with affordable commissions on MT4 and MT5.

An Investor account is for copy traders. You can copy professional traders’ accounts to yours with 10 to 35% performance fees.

Both Trader and Investor accounts have access to the following markets: Forex, CFD on stocks, CFD on Indices, CFD on Commodities, and CFD on Cryptocurrencies.

MiltonPrime typically executes 99.9% of trades without compromising on margin requirements and trading fees, so you never miss the right opportunity.

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What is Milton Prime’s Multi-Asset Investor Account?

MiltonPrime calls it a managed Forex and CFDs account that allows customers to invest in these markets via other traders (money managers).

A money manager is a person who’s willing to open a money manager account. All money managers are discoverable via a money managers board.

Similar to Money Managers, Copy Traders also run their trading publicly, which allows every client to copy trades from others without giving away full autonomy over their investment decisions.

A PAMM Account, also known as Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software application that allows Traders to share their strategies with Investors interested in them.

Choose an account type of MiltonPrime

Condition of Money Deposit to MiltonPrime

MiltonPrime offers the following payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

  1. Paysafe (Netteler, Skrill)
  2. Advcash
  3. Wire Transfer

MiltonPrime does not charge additional fees directly, but, for some payment methods, the fees go directly to the third-party providers.

Minimum deposits and withdrawals may depend on the particular payment method provider.

At the moment, MiltonPrime’s minimum deposit requirement is $300 and $500 for alternative payment methods and wire transfers respectively.

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