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What you can invest in with InstaForex?

By opening an account with InstaForex, you can invest in over 300 financial markets of Forex pairs, Metals, Shares, Indices and Cryptocurrency pairs.

You can also trade “Options” with InstaForex. There is a demo trading contest for traders of “Option”.

InstaForex more than 10 bonus promotions and competitions which are available for all traders of the broker.

One of the main advantages of InstaForex is the high leverage of 1:1000, which increases your possible trading volume by 1000 times.

With InstaForex, you can trade online through MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms from 1 USD of minimum deposit.

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InstaForex’s Bonus Promotions

InstaForex runs various bonus promotions.

All deposit bonus promotions offer you the unlimited amount of bonus, and no limits on withdrawal of profits.

You can participate with multiple trading accounts for each promotion (“No Deposit Bonus Promotion” is excluded) and get more benefits as much as you want.

1. $1000 No Deposit Bonus

For new traders, InstaForex gives away 1000 USD for free.

It is a “No Deposit Bonus Promotion” which literally requires no deposits from you, thus you can start investing online without risking your own funds.

Signup, get the bonus and you can start trading Forex and CFDs on InstaForex’s platforms.

Details of $1000 No Deposit Bonus

2. 100% Deposit Bonus

With InstaForex’s 100% Deposit Bonus, you can double up your deposit amount for the unlimited times.

The bonus amount is not available for withdrawal, but will be a great support for your trading immediately as extra margin.

Number of accounts you can get this 100% Deposit Bonus is also unlimited.

Details of 100% Deposit Bonus

3. 55% Deposit Bonus

55% Deposit Bonus offers smaller percentage of bonus than the above 100% Deposit Bonus, but 55% Deposit Bonus is available for withdrawal.

The bonus will support your trading as extra capital immediately, while giving you the opportunity to withdraw them all as your profit by meeting the certain volume requirement.

Details of 55% Deposit Bonus

4. 30% Deposit Bonus

InstaForex’s 30% Deposit Bonus is available along with the “InstaForex Club Bonus“.

By combining these 2 promotions, you can get up to 40% Deposit Bonus by increasing the amount of deposit.

Unlike the 100% and 55% Deposit Bonus Promotions, you can get 30% Deposit Bonus and InstaForex Club Bonus without limiting the maximum leverage and increasing the stop out level.

Details of 30% Deposit Bonus

5. InstaForex Club Bonus

InstaForex Club is free to join and easy to signup.

By joining the club, you will get bonus up to 10% for every deposit you make on any account types.

InstaForex Club Bonus is available for withdrawal too.

Details of InstaForex Club Bonus

Comparison of the Deposit Bonus Promotions

There are 4 types of deposit bonus promotions run by InstaForex.

To distinguish the differences of these promotions, please refer to the below table.

Deposit Bonuses 100% Bonus 55% Bonus 30% Bonus InstaForex Club Bonus
Profit Withdrawal Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Account Verification Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
Bonus applied to Only the first deposit Every deposit Every deposit Every deposit
Maximum Leverage 1:200 1:200 1:1000 1:1000
Stop Out Level 100% 100% 10% 10%

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InstaForex’s Trading Contests and Lucky Lottery

InstaForex runs various competitions which include Lucky Lottery, Live Contest and Demo contest.

1. Chancy Deposit (Lucky Lottery)

Every month, InstaForex chooses are trader who made a deposit to his/her account and give the trader 1000 USD as extra bonus.

The winner of the cash prize is chosen randomly among the traders who made deposits of more than $3000 within the contest period.

Details of Chancy Deposit

2. Trade Wise and Win Device Fortnight Contest

Every 2 weeks, InstaForex gives the winner of this contest the latest version of one of the following devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The winner can also claim a cash prize of 1250 USD, if he/she doesn’t wish to win one of the devices.

Details of Trade Wise Win Device Contest

3. Great Race Monthly Contest

InstaForex’s “Great Race” is a demo trading contest with $55,000 cash prize pool.

The top 11 traders of the first 4 rounds and 14 traders of the final round will win the cash prize from the pool of $55,000.

Details of Great Race

4. Sniper Weekly Contest

“Sniper” is the title of weekly demo trading contest run by InstaForex.

The cash prize pool is $1500 and the top 5 traders of each round will win the cash prize into their live trading accounts.

Details of Weekly Demo Contest

5. Lucky Trader Demo Contest

InstaForex’s Lucky Trader demo trading contest runs for 2 weeks.

The participants don’t compete with the amount of profits, but amount of winning pips during the contest period.

The cash prize pool is $3,000 and is shared with the top 5 performing traders.

Details of Lucky Trader Contest

6. Real Scalping Monthly Contest

“Real Scalping” is a monthly demo trading contest with winning prize pool of $6,000.

The top 8 performing traders will win the cash prizes.

Details of Real Scalping Contest

7. One Million Option Monthly Contest

InstaForex’s “One Million Option” is a title of a demo trading contest for Option traders.

The contest runs every week, with 1500 USD cash prize pool for the top 5 performing traders.

Details of One Million Option

8. FX-1 Rally One-Day Contest

FX-1 rally is a demo trading competition which runs for 24 hours.

The contest runs every Friday, and in one day the winners will be chosen who will share the cash prize pool of 1500 USD.

Details of FX-1 Rally Contest

Who is InstaForex?

InstaForex is an online FX and CFD broker founded in 2007, and is licensed by multiple regulatory authorities all over the world.

InstaForex has acquired over 7 million traders by 2019, providing the online trading service through the most popular trading platforms, MT4 and MT5.

There over 10 promotions and contests run by InstaForex.

The broker is gaining popularity with its gorgeous rewards such as $1000 No Deposit Bonus, Lamborghini and other high valued tech devices.

Along with the bonus promotions, InstaForex has prepared complete set of trading tools and options which every trader would need to get started.

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InstaForex’s Trading Account Types

InstaForex offers its traders with 4 different account types which are “Insta.Standard”, “Insta.Eurica”, “Cent.Standard” and “Cent.Eurica”.

All trading account types require 1 USD as the minimum deposit amount.

The available base currencies are EUR, USD and RUB.

The available maximum leverage is 1:1000 for all account types.

Please refer to the below table for the differences of these account types.

Account Types Insta.Standard Insta.Eurica Cent.Standard Cent.Eurica
Maximum deposit amount no limit no limit 1000 USD 1000 USD
Minimum Spread 3 – 7 pips 0.0 pips (0.03% – 0.07% fees) 3 – 7 pips 0.0 pips (0.03% – 0.07% fees)
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.1 lots 0.1 lots

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