What you can trade with FXPro?

FxPro provides CFDs on 6 asset classes including foreign exchange, stocks, spot indices, futures, spot precious metals and spot energy.

FXPro provides customers with the flow of top liquidity providers and advanced order execution without the intervention of traders.

FXPro provides traders with MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms.

All platforms provide web and mobile versions to meet the needs of customers for transactions anytime, anywhere.

Through FXPro’s internal aggregator and advanced order matching technology, FXPro provides customers with deep liquidity pools and fast transaction execution without the intervention of traders.

Allows traders to benefit from low spreads and competitive prices.

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FxPro a trusted broker serving more than 170 countries

FXPro strongly supports transparency, and for this reason, they have established the highest standards to protect the safety of client funds.

All customer funds are deposited in major international banks and are completely separated from the company’s operating funds.

FxPro UK Limited was authorized and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom in 2010.

FxPro Financial Services Limited was authorized and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007 and by the South African Financial Services Commission since 2015.

FxPro Global Marketing Co., Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Bahamas Securities Regulatory Commission.

Since the establishment of the company, FxPro has grown rapidly and currently serves retail and institutional customers in more than 170 countries and is still developing.

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Why traders choose FXPro as their main broker?

1. FXPro’s strategy

In recent years, FxPro has continued to innovate in the ever-changing and expanding industry and continue to improve its services to meet the needs of traders all over the world.

  • Fast order execution without trader intervention mode.
  • Price aggregation of multiple liquidity providers & deep liquidity pools.
  • Technology & Research Investment.

2. FXPro’s vision

FXPro is guided by the tenet of customer-centric and puts the needs of customers first.

FXPro is committed to becoming the best online broker in the industry and maintaining FXPro’s reputation as the most reliable and trusted broker.

  • Continuously provide support & education and training, so that everyone can trade.
  • Continuously update FXPro’s services to meet the needs of traders.
  • Become an industry leader by supporting & implementing transparent transactions.

3. FXPro’s value

At FxPro, they are committed to continuously creating a better environment to respect investors and provide all the necessary tools for their transactions.

  • Adhere to the concept of transparency, excellence & innovation.
  • Technology and research investment.
  • Integrate the needs of customers into the continuous expansion & improvement of the business model.

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