What is eXcentral?

The eXcentral broker is an online trading platform based in Cyprus and is licensed by CySEC.

It offers several tools for technical and fundamental analysis, as well as videos and webinars for training.

Commissions and spreads are in line with the market, while some doubts come from the few assets available and from the customer support that is not really practical.

The eXcentral broker is based on a very simple and intuitive website-based.

It offers a number of purpose-built trading tools, plus it includes some of the best tools in your trading account to best perform technical and fundamental analysis.

The eXcentral platforms

The broker eXcentral has created its own online trading platform, to help traders to profit.

The eXcentral platform is both in a web-based version and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The latter choice is now indispensable for all sites that offer services since we are used to doing everything on mobile devices.

Although some experts remember how it is always better to use the latter to check already open positions, and not to open new ones.

Because they give a way that can be less professional and prone to choices taken lightly.

Perhaps one of the most important limitations that the platform presents and that customers report is linked to the fact that there are no truly innovative services compared to what other platforms offer: there is everything, but each service has already been seen on other platforms.

This, however, is not a real limitation but is only the testimony that eXcentral represents a complete platform from every point of view.

Surely if you are an unscrupulous investor it is not the broker for you but if you are interested in making small quality investments, always being aware of the risks you run, wanting to invest limited budgets but in a safer way, then eXcentral is the choice.